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Making Wine Drink Ticket from PSD Templates

If you are a wine lover, you may want to join the wine drink event. In this event, you need a ticket, and you should buy it in the right place. Wine Drink Ticket has a distinct style, but it is relatively similar in terms of layout and component. You can use the ticket for attending a wine drink. It has two sides: the longer and shorter ones that will be torn apart when you entering the place. The long one contains the ticket information that you will keep. The rest of the ticket is a small portion where the event officer will be used as your attendance proof.

Wine Drink Ticket Contents

The first thing to know is the contents that must be available on Wine Drink Ticket. Check the following list for more explanation.

  1. Ticket ID

Every ticket has an ID that’s printed at the top or bottom side. It is the identification to verify that the ticket is valid. For the ID, the ticket can use the combination of letters and numbers.

  1. Admission fee

Wine drink event is not something you can attend without paying the fee. You can see how much this event from the ticket. The event manager can use several ticket types, such as the regular, private, and premium. Each has a different price, and the exclusive one is the most expensive.

  1. Admission statement

An admission statement is something to justify that you can attend and receive the service which has been promised in that event. With this ticket, you can get wine drink and more services, including souvenirs and gifts.

  1. Time validity

As usual, the ticket contains time and date that specify when you must attend the event. If the ticket is for Tuesday, you must come on time based on the schedule. The ticket is no longer used after the event is done. On the contrary, you cannot come too early before the event is started unless there is sudden change.

  1. Place or location

The last part on that ticket will be a place or location where the wine drink will be held. As similar to the time and date, you only visit the right address or place. On the other hand, the ticket must explain the place, venue, and address in detail.

Wine Drink Ticket Design and Layout

Most tickets have two major styles: portrait and landscape. Both are applicable for Wine Drink Ticket. The landscape layout is the most popular one since you can see more designs and decorations. On the other hand, portrait style requires proper design, especially when arranging the contents.

Wine Drink Ticket consists of two parts that can be folded and torn apart. The real ticket will be in your hand, and security officers will take the rest. It is a common way for checking people whether they have a valid ticket or not.

Wine Drink Ticket PSD Template

To design this ticket takes time. Well, the wine drink events should have a ticket with an elegant style. For the quick design, you must have the PSD template. It has been the best option for people who make the ticket for any events, including the wine drinker.

Wine Drink Ticket Sample and Template

More templates for Wine Drink Ticket will be useful as a reference. You have many options, which means there are many ticket designs. If wine drink has several packages, each of them should have a distinct ticket. This is where you need to pick some samples, and then change them into the design you want.  

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