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Free Downloadable and Printable Yoga Certificate Templates Collection

A yoga certificate is a document given to someone as proof that he or she has completed a certified yoga training class successfully. If you need to create it, here you will find various printable certificate templates that are specifically designed for a yoga class. These templates are created with a wonderful border around it and editable space where you can edit the included information such as the name of the certified person, the date it was given, the studio or organization where the courses are completed as well as the name and sign of the person who gives it. Once you have edited it, you can print it out.

Yoga Certificate Templates

There are plenty of ways you can use the certification. It gives a person a written license to teach or lead their yoga class, conducting prenatal yoga courses, teaching workshops, becoming a yoga therapist, or just to sharpen their yoga skills.

Each certification might be designed uniquely with different formats and layouts. However, there are still some requirements that must be achieved to get it. Successful completion of yoga training should provide a person with an in-depth understanding of several things below:

  • Yoga practices, such as the postures and techniques
  • Yoga lifestyle, the philosophy behind, and the history of it
  • Yoga teaching methods
  • Class training and teaching practices related to yoga
  • Human anatomy, psychology, and physiology

Yoga Certificate PSD

If you want to know more about yoga certificate, here is basic information about it:

  1. The certificate is designed for everyone interested in yoga, whether it is an instructor, a student, or just an enthusiast.
  2. The certification is presented after the whole train of courses is completed. It might be presented during a special event or at the last course meeting. For an experienced yoga studio, the certificate is usually given during special events so the participant can remember the moment as an appreciation for their effort to complete the training.
  3. The certificate can be hung anywhere. If you are a yoga trainer, you may want to hang it framed on your studio, in the best visible wall. You can use the scanned document to promote your training class in online platforms such as social media or emails.

Printable Yoga Certificate

As yoga organizations around the world are mostly established in the late 1990s, many renowned yoga teachers do not have certification. Nowadays, the majority of studios will require the instructor to have a yoga certificate. If you aspire to become a yoga instructor and lead your class, it will benefit you so much as it proves that you have the credibility to work in this particular area.

Free Yoga Certificate to Download

The yoga certificate templates that you can download from here are available for free. They are made in PSD format so you can easily customize them as you’d like. Once you’ve downloaded the template, add your text into the black spaces and print it out. Other elements such as color and border can be customized to using your software.  

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