The Sample Book Outline Templates as References

Writing or creating a book is no simple task. Professional writers or authors have a specific template that contains their outline. Before writing a book, you should choose the genre or topic. After that, you need to arrange the items or chapters then organize the material. Those are the parts of the sample book outline.

Sample Book Outline Basic Ideas

The outline is not just in the book writing. Almost all written contents, such as the proposal and advertisement rely on this one. It keeps your idea and topic in check. Moreover, you do not want to waste the content that should not be in a certain chapter. With the proper outline, you can start making a book efficiently.

  1. Fiction or nonfiction

Books have various categories, topics, and genres. From the tons of books, you can separate them into two main categories. They are fiction and nonfiction. You already know the differences.

  1. Topic and genre

Genre is usually for a fiction book, such as roman, comedy, mystery, horror, etc. On the other hand, the nonfiction book uses a topic like education, finance, research, math, science, etc. They are general ones, and some topics are very specific.

  1. Number of pages

The outline will show the amount of chapter and level of content. After that, you can balance the number of pages. In the end, you know how many pages in your book.

The above list shows that the sample book outline is useful for everyone who decides to write a book. You need more chapters and material if the book contains deep content. For the novel, the outline will tell the plot and storyline, including the setting, character, and background. You may find an early draft that does not satisfy you, and then you change a few things along the way. If you do not have an outline, this process is very difficult.

Sample Book Outline and Templates

The next section provides some templates you can choose for the book outline. Each sample of the outline is developed for a specific theme and genre. You just choose one with the capability to support your book project. Here they are.

  • General book outline
  • Nonfiction book outline
  • Novel outline
  • Book proposal outline
  • Comic book outline
  • Children book outline
  • Academic book outline

Sample Book Outline Design and Layout

From the list above, you see some outline proposals. Well, some authors create the proposal that contains the draft and outline about what the book will be when the writing is completed. If the proposal is accepted, the project is started, and the writing will use the approval outline.

The design of the book outline is simple and straightforward. It is just a note you have to ensure you write in the right path. If finding the things that are suitable for the book, you can edit a certain part of the outline, not the entire section. From the layout, you know where the illustration or graphic will be placed.  

Sample Book Outline Free Download

You can use this sample for preparing your book. It will guide you on how to write a book with structured content. Each chapter has a specific topic, but it correlates to form the entire book. If you do not know where to start, the sample book outline is your starting point. The templates are available with various topics, genres, and layouts. One important thing is you get this one as free.


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