Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Template as a Speech Delivery Aid

As we know, speech is the message or word delivery through oral speaking to the audience. A good speech is an ability in giving a positive message and impression. It means the message delivered should be persuasive and well organized. As a speaker, you need a structured sample persuasive speech outline to help a speech delivery, so the audiences are impressed with it.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Essence

The outline is provided for the speaker with all information needed in the speech. The essential thing about it is the tips in delivering the speech, and able to simplify the speaker task. By this, all information of the speech must be able to ease the communication between a speaker and the audience, persuade others or the audience to keep up what is conveyed in the speech, and deliver an understanding, and important, accurate, interesting, as well as entertaining information to the audience.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Format

A quality preparation in making a speech is required to get success in speaking in front of the audience. Things that can be concerned with a sample persuasive speech outline are:


  1. Greeting and self-introduction

The speech must be started with an opening greeting and an honor salutation to the audience. It aims that the audience feels respected in the speech for they are the targeted people in a persuasive and successful speech. A description of the speaker is required, so the audience knows who the speaker is. If the speech runs well, they will always remember the speaker.

  1. Interesting and brief description

A speaker should be able to make an interesting initial description. It can be a joke, a personal experience, or an investigated topic that will be delivered. It is a starting point to persuade the audience to give an interesting initial impression.

  1. Thesis statement

It is the scope of the speech. It means a speech should cover the structure and content of the thesis statement which will be delivered.


The body consists of the description of information, reason, entertainment, as well as the influence.


It is a brief conclusion which should be interesting, and grateful saying for all audiences, as well as a closing greeting.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Development

Looking back for a moment, the speaker ordinarily made a speech spontaneously without a well-done preparation and only relying on the experience and knowledge. This has been developed, and a speaker is required to make an interesting and informative speech.

The requirement includes an attractive, creative, broad-minded, interactive, and persuasive speaker. The sample persuasive speech outline comes to help a speaker deliver the speech successfully and acceptable by the audience. The printable templates are provided for a speaker to choose easily without struggling hard thinking the speech preparation.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Basic Concepts

The making of a sample persuasive speech outline needs basic concepts. They are determining the theme, determining the speech time length, arranging an outline, and developing an outline.

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