Literature Review Outline Template and Free Access to Get the Files

In writing research, it is important to have a literature review. This part is very necessary since it provides specific theories and discussion of the topic. This part is also what is written by the student when they are making academic papers, especially thesis. However, sometimes it is not easy to make this part. That’s why there is a literature review outline template. It can provide a specific outline, and it can be used to organize the idea. Then, it will be easier to develop good paragraphs for the review.


Main Content of Literature Review Outline

There are many styles in making literature reviews. Even, there can be specific formats in using the numbering, and commonly there is already regulation made by the institution or school. However, commonly the literature reviews are divided into three major parts.

  1. Introduction

As what common introduction provides, it will give brief details of the whole content in the review. Then, it also provides a specific framework or flow of ideas in the discussion. This will help the readers to understand the content easily.


  1. Body of content

Based on the brief details and framework in the introduction, the writer can develop the body of content. This becomes an essential part of the literature review outline template. Each detail will be explained clearly in this part.


  1. Conclusion

After the whole explanation, it is important to conclude. This provides a summary of the whole content. In another word, it is necessary to emphasize the important points.


Simple Literature Review Outline Template

Writing research and academic papers is not easy. That is why it is necessary to have an outline template. It can provide a specific outline, so people can prepare the framework that can be developed into better paragraphs of explanation.

In this case, a commonly simple outline template is given to students as the media to exercise. Teachers or professors will provide a simple and easy template to help students, so they are accustomed to making the literature reviews. Once they are good in making the review, they can learn a more sophisticated outline.


Literature Review Outline Template Examples

There is always time to learn and gain something new. During the learning process, having some literature review outline template can become one of the effective ways to get a better comprehension. Examples can show them how to use the outline.

That is why students can get various examples as their media of learning. They will know how good a review outline is made, and how it is developed into a good discussion. In the examples, the lecturers can also provide some explanation to help the students.


Downloading Literature Review Outline Template

Commonly, students can get enough examples of the outline template for the literature review. They also get a clear explanation of how to make and use the template properly. However, sometimes it still takes time to make a good template.   

As a solution, actually it is possible to download the template. To get the files, there is a website that can provide various templates of outlines. Even, students can get free access to download the files. The literature review outline template is also editable, so it is easy to customize the content.

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