Formal Outline Template to Make Good Documents and Speech 

In making a document, the content of the document is important. However, good content should be supported by the good flow of ideas. It will not be easy for readers to understand the content when it has no clear delivery. That’s why the outline is made before making the whole content. In this case, the formal outline template can be helpful to prepare the document. By outlining first, it can be easier to make comprehensive content with good delivery.


Main Elements of Formal Outline

The formal outline is useful in creating many kinds of documents. Even, formal speech also needs a good outline, so the audience can grasp the ideas delivered in the speech. In this case, there are main elements to provide in the outline, such as:

  1. Logical order

As is mentioned above, it is important to have good delivery. In this case, it is related to the flow of ideas in the document. There must be clear logical order, and it is also the goal of using the formal outline template. For example, people can use the order based on a scale of priority. They may start from the important points to the less important ones, or it is possible to reverse it.

  1. Consistent pattern

In addition to the logical order, it is important to have consistency in writing the document. Consistency can be in the form of diction. Then, the use of numbering should also get attention. The same pattern should be used in the whole outline of the document.

  1. Topic sentences

Some people have a problem in developing paragraph. They may have some important points to deliver, but it is not easy to deliver them in a good explanation. That is why commonly outlines will require people to have a topic sentence for each paragraph.


Formal Speech Outline Template

The outline can be useful in the process of composing a formal speech. Of course, speech needs more than just confidence in delivering it. It also needs good content and delivery. That is why the outline template can be helpful in aid during the process.

In a speech outline, a specific title should be made. Then, it will also have information about duration. Paying attention to the duration is important, so all-important contents can be fully delivered. After this part, people can start to arrange the ideas.


Formal Essay Outline Template 

Academic papers one of the most important assignments that require the formal outline template. Commonly, the papers can be in a form of essay, but it is also possible to use the outline for a more sophisticated assignment, such as thesis, and dissertation.

The outline of the essay is different from the speech. Both of them may use the topic sentences to develop the ideas, but the essay can be divided into some parts, while the thesis can have chapters. Each part or chapter can have specific purposes.


Blank Formal Outline Template

The outline can have various formats and styles. Each of them has different details to help people in composing good paragraphs of explanation. Some outline templates come with some hints to help people in using the template.   

However, there are also some blank outlines. These are commonly used by people who have got some experience in using an outline. As its name, the template only has lines and numberings. It has very few words in the formal outline template, and commonly it is only to show the part to write down the topic sentence and supporting points.

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