Sample Essay Outline Template to Help Create a Better Academic Paper

Free Downloadable Sample Essay Outline to Help Create a Better Academic Paper

Outlining an essay means to plan how you will write an academic paper, where you organize and structure by putting the main point into the paragraphs to make the work easier. It is quite hard to write a well-made paper without outlining it first. These documents of the sample essay outline may help you to get an insight on how to put a proper paper, convey the result of your research, and get a good grade from your teacher or professor.    

Reasons to Use Sample Essay Outline

As it has been mentioned prior, outlining an essay meaning to plan how to structure the substance of your paper. It includes writing your essay’s main idea, collecting your arguments, and organizes them into a paragraph to make sure you don’t leave or miss anything during writing it.

Writing an essay without outlining it first is possible, but the result may not be as the best as you want it to be. Outlining can be considered an essential part to prepare before actually writing the paper. It is what good essay writers do to deliver the best essay to their readers.

By using the sample essay outline, the work of outlining can be made a little bit easier and faster. Here are several reasons why it is important to do the outline:

  • It helps you to organize your thoughts – the information that you get from your essay may be hard to remember to put into the paper.
  • It allows you to structure the essay well and lets your reader understand the flow better.
  • It helps you to prepare for the paper better and not to miss anything while writing it.

Sample Essay Outline Components

There are three key components of the essay outline, which consist of:

  1. Introduction

In this opening part, you should explain the main topic of your essay. The thesis statement, which is the key part of the paper must be also included here, to support the following paragraphs in the rest of the essay.

  1. Body paragraphs

The minimum amounts of paragraphs in the body of an essay are three, so you have to make one for each in the outline. Write the main sentence followed by your argument related to the thesis and mention the supporting data, evidence, facts, and examples to support and prove the content of the paragraph.

  1. Conclusion

In this section, you have to wrap up the whole essay. Summarize and restate the thesis of your goal.

Sample Essay Outline Types

Writing an essay is a common type of academic assignment through school and college. Even though there are a few different types of essays, the basic structure of it stays the same with slight differences according to the purpose of it. Understand how to outline your writings by looking at the sample essay outline, to craft the perfect paper and achieve possible higher grades.

Free Sample Essay Outline

By using the sample essay outline, you will be able to create better paper in a faster time. It helps you to understand what it takes to create a good essay and becoming a better writer without missing any important part of it.  

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