Sample Human Body Outline Template for the Learning Media to Draw

Drawing a human body requires a detail of each part, starting from the head until the toe. You sometimes get confused about how, where, and when to start. The detail requires special skills to make a line. If you are the one who likes drawing or has a drawing skill, you only need to imagine the shapes then drawing it. However, if you learn to draw, it needs the plan and the sample human body outline.

Sample Human Body Outline Parts

You probably ever think that drawing a human body is a challenge and requires high accuracy. However, it truly has several simple steps that you have to notice. These have been provided with some tutorials you can find on the website. The parts include:

  1. Face

You can draw it in the oval or round shape. Then, continue drawing the parts of it, such as the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, mouth, lips, ears, and hair.

  1. Hands

The parts of hands which are drawn include arms, elbows, palms, and fingers.

  1. Body

The body is located in the middle between the head, hands, and legs. You can draw it in the rectangular shape with slightly curved, or you can choose the ideal one.

  1. Legs

The parts of legs you can draw include thighs, knees, calves, feet, ankles, and toes.

You should draw it by using a pencil first, sketching with the lines. You can also see in a sample human body outline provided to guide you to learn drawing.

Sample Human Body Outline Types

There are some types of outline you can use to draw the human body. They are male and female bodies, teenager boy body, kid body with the names of its member (possibly for kids), inner body and human body parts with the names (they are for school or higher school students, as for biology, science, or medical field), and many more as you like.

Sample Human Body Outline Usages

You no longer need to spend many hours to make a sketch. A sample human body outline is a media which eases you to make the sketch. Some outlines have been provided for you who like drawing or learn to draw a human body. In other words, the usages of an outline are to facilitate anyone who wants to learn to draw as a tutorial and introduction about human body sketch, as well as understand the body movement shapes.

Sample Human Body Outline Stages

  • You should know some stages that can be applied in drawing a body. These are as follows:
  • Determining the body figures and postures then making 4-6 horizontal lines
  • Starting to draw the head with the assistant line guide;
  • Making the shapes of human body structure starting from the head to the toe
  • Clearing up the body anatomy from upper, middle, until lower, then sharpened in detail
  • After the global shape of posture is drawn, it needs to be shaded.

The last result that you wish is the drawing resembling the real human body. However, it needs the cleanliness and detail. To start learning to draw, you are necessary to have an idea. Well, the sample human body outline is as your assistance to draw.

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