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The formal document has specific rules and standards. For example, you write a thesis or essay for academics. The outline has items that are necessary to be in this kind of writing, such as background, literature review, analysis, etc. Each item still has the specific sections that are outlined according to the main topic. On the other hand, you need the proper and legitimate outline before writing the formal and official documents. Therefore, this is when you consider having the formal outline templates.

Formal Outline Templates Basic Ideas

In the first step, you should know the basic ideas about this topic. The template will provide the items that a formal outline document should have. To understand the idea, check the following list for more insights.

  1. Official purpose

The outline is dedicated to official purposes. Your thesis is the last project and assignment as the requirement for graduation. A business plan is to document you apply for the loan or attract potential investors. You should also use the formal outline for the official speech. Therefore, the purpose of this template is to ensure you have a proper outline for official purpose writing or activity.

  1. Logical order or systematical thinking

You can tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction books from the way the contents are arranged. The outline gives systematic thinking that writers or speakers must follow. You can start from the general idea or background then move into the core topic until the conclusion and closing. Logical order is useful for the reader or audience.

  1. Consistency

Formal outline templates will keep the content and context consistently. The writing style uses the setting that’s similar to the first chapter to the last one. You see the words and sentences have the same tone.

  1. Proper heading and title

The outline makes sure the document has a proper heading and title. If you write the file in Word, the title and heading have a specific setting. For the points and listings, you can use bullets and numbering. The main heading has a certain font size. The second and third headings will be smaller. Therefore, the entire content has the same style.

Formal Outline Templates and Samples

In the following list, you will learn more about formal outline templates.  The same templates are useful for work and study.

  • Formal report outline
  • Business plan outline
  • Thesis outline
  • Formal essay outline
  • Formal speech outline

From the list above, you can tell that any document for formal purpose and situation will start with the reliable and relevant outline. The report, essay, thesis, nonfiction book, speech, and business plans are examples that rely on this template.

Formal Outline Templates Main Design

This template does not have much variation. The design for the formal outline focuses on practicality. It means you only use the outline for a specific purpose. There is no fancy picture or artwork unless both are part of the contents. For the speech, you may have additional items with a less formal tone, such as story, illustration, and jokes.

Formal Outline Templates Contents

You can use the outline as a guideline before adding content. On the other side, the outline itself has contents that consist of the list, key point, core topic, graph and table, and a brief explanation. The key point has an additional definition to make sure you deliver the right meaning. That’s what you should know about formal outline templates.   

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