Managing Partner Job Description and Its Required Skills, Experience, etc


A managing partner is a person who has the responsibility to guide the overall business strategic direction and manage its daily activities. He or she also typically has a stake in the business. For the further managing partner job description, you can pay attention to the following template.

Managing Partner Job Description Template

We are hiring a managing partner now. In this position, you will oversee the daily operations of the business as well as provide strategic direction. For your information, a managing partner sets strategic goals, supervises daily activities, monitors performance, and drives business growth.

The managing partner job description template below also includes what requirements to be met. For example, a good candidate must have exceptional people skills as well as a strong strategic mind. Below, you can see the detailed responsibilities and requirements of a managing partner.

Managing Partner Job Responsibilities

A managing partner will have many important tasks and duties. So, before you decide to apply for this position, make sure that you are familiar with the managing partner job responsibilities. All the tasks and duties are summarized in detail in the list provided below:

  • Maintains good client relationships & drives new acquisitions
  • Develops and implements organizational policies, procedures, and goals
  • Consults and cooperates with other executives, employees, and board members
  • Manages, monitors, and reviews business operations
  • Identifies improvement gaps as well as implements corrective measures
  • Reviews and oversees all the financial activities, performance, & documentation
  • Oversees hiring activities as well as approves contracts

Managing Partner Job Requirements

There are some qualifications required to meet if you want to apply for this job position. The required qualifications relate to educational degrees, experiences, skills, and others. Different companies may have different managing partner job requirements. Here is what we require for the candidates:

  • Degree in a related field especially business administration
  • Master’s degree is preferred
  • Previous managerial experience is a must
  • Strong skills in communication, interpersonal, as well as presentation
  • Excellent skills in leadership
  • Executive skills in decision-making
  • Strong analytical as well as strategic mindset
  • Excellent business acumen

Managing Partner Job Description FAQs

What does a managing partner generally do?

A managing partner guides the overall business strategic direction and manages its daily activities. He or she also typically has a stake in the business. The job description template above shows the more detailed tasks and duties a managing partner will have to do.

Can I edit the posted managing partner job description template here?

Of course, you can. Since it is a customizable managing partner job description template, just feel free to edit it to fit your needs. In fact, different companies may give different responsibilities and require different qualifications.

Do you have interview questions for a managing partner?

Besides the managing partner job description, a collection of interview question samples can also be found here. You can find it on another page on this web.


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