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Brand Book Template and Its Sample

While the brand of a company defines its image, a brand book template can be defined as the image’s graphic representation. This kind of template includes a few elements such as a logo of the company, its official name, slogan, or acronym. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Why Do You Need a Brand Book?

After understanding about the definition of a brand book, now let’s talk about why you need it. For your information a brand book can also be called a brand style guide. Some people call it a brand guide. It becomes a key document which helps a content creator communicates a message to your audience.

Therefore, it will be a good asset for you to create consistent & on-brand content. Here, your brand style guide will communicate the design standard of your company to the whole of your group. Because of that, you will certainly need a brand book.

What Should a Brand Book Include?

A brand book should contain a few things. It usually starts with logos. Besides that, a brand book should also come with color palette. Then, typography also belongs to one of the most important elements so that you have to include it, too.

In addition, you cannot forget about design system. For the next inclusion, there is imagery. One more, you are required to add tone of voice in your brand book. Make sure that all of the elements above are included into the brand book you create.

How to Make a Brand Book

To create a brand book, the first thing you will have to do is to plan your content. Here, you must prepare the guidelines that become part of the manual. After that, you will need to organize & design the page layout. Just design a visually nice document.

Then, you should export the document. Just feel free to save your project as a PDF or any other format of document. Finally, you can directly upload & publish it. You can upload it on your media platform for a professional look at your own brand book.

Tips for Creating a Brand Book

To create a brand book, you have to consider a few important tips. First, you have to make a professional design for your brand book. You can design it on your own or hire a designer. Besides that, make sure that all the needed elements are included but keep it simple yet attractive.

Creating a brand book may take a lot of time, effort, and even money. So, it can be a bit frustrating. Therefore, you have to find a more effective way. In this case, it will be much more efficient if you use our template.

Our brand book template is not only free to download but also easy to edit and ready to use. So, just feel free to pick the most appropriate template and start editing it to fit your needs. After you make changes, you can directly publish it.

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