10+ YouTube End Screen Template in Photoshop Free Download

Free Editable YouTube End Screen Template

It is a good idea to invite viewers to subscribe your YouTube channel with YouTube end screens. If you want to make it, we have a YouTube end screen template that will be very helpful for you. So, you will be able to make YouTube end screen fast and easily.

Creating YouTube End Screen Template Efficiently

There are many platforms that help you create & download videos with no watermark. Even more, they are free to use. You can save money by designing end screen easily on your own. It means, you do not need to hire a freelancer or agency to help you make end screen for your YouTube channel.

In this article, you can find PSD template free. There are many options available here. You can use them to make your own YouTube end screen. Since the templates are downloadable, editable and printable, creating a YouTube end screen will be much efficient.

How YouTube End Screen Template Works

YouTube end screen is outro which lasts for 5 – 25 seconds. It also becomes a good way for promoting your channel, other videos & YouTube playlists. You can add YouTube end screen within YouTube Studio by selecting “Add an end screen” option.

With our example PSD design, your task will be much easier. For your information, YouTube provides end screen template that adds elements like a subscribe link to your channel page, a link to a YouTube’s choice videos from your channel, or a link to your recent videos.

How to Create a YouTube End Screen Template and Video Outro

If you want to make a YouTube end screen, there are some steps you will need to follow. However, we recommend you to use our template free PSD. First of all, you have to find end screen video templates. You can use the search box or start from scratch.

Second of all, you are required to upload your animated videos or graphics or GIFs, or even images. For videos, the formats can be MP4 or MOV whereas the formats for images may be PNG or JPG. After that, what you should do is to select the fonts from the library.

For the next step, you are allowed to add animated illustration and music tracks to the free PSD template to make your YouTube end screen come alive. For the final step, it is time to download your YouTube end screen & append it to the end of your YouTube videos.

How to Use YouTube End Screen Template

To make a YouTube end screen fast and easily, using our template should be your option. We also provide business card template PSD free for you. What all you have to do is to pick your desired template available in this article.

After you pick the most appropriate template, you can use it then. However, you are allowed to edit the YouTube end screen template first to fit your needs. In fact, our templates are free to download, easy to edit, and ready to use.

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