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PSD School Banner Templates and the Samples

School banner is often found everywhere in the building, whether it is in the school hall or yard. In making the banner, you should take a look at the purpose. As there are a lot of aims in making the banner, you need to consider the design first. Here are the further explanations about making the banner and some free designs too to download.


How to Make the Best School Banner?

To make the best school banner, there are some tips and tricks behind them. The explanation about that can be seen down below. Make sure you have read this one carefully before you can download the template. The templates are in PSD format and thus you can edit them on Photoshop with ease. Here are the tips to make the best banner for school usage.

  1. Select the Right Design

Depending on the purpose, you need to select the right design for the banner. The design is usually revolving around kids on their desk and completed by simple stripes, dots, or shapes. You need to keep it simple as the one reading the banner will be mostly kids and their parents. You do not want them to ignore the banner as the design is not interesting.

  1. Mind the Color Scheme

Children love popping colors. They do not like it when the banner has sullen, dark-shade colors. You need to keep the color eye-popping and eye-catching for sure. The color scheme will determine whether or not the banner will get noticeable by the passersby on the school. Mind them well and the banner will look dashing.


School Banner for Admission Template

This is the school banner for admission purposes. To attract people and get their children enrolled in the school, this banner is needed. You need to make sure that the banner is made as interesting as possible. They will have to reflect on the fun programs of the school. Get this template for free and you can make the banner right away.


School Banner for Sports Teams Template

Every school has sports teams, whether it is for soccer, baseball, basketball, and many more. Every time they compete, of course, a banner is needed. Use this template to create the best banner for the school team, and that way you can make sure everyone watching the game is encouraged to support the sports team.


School Banner for Talent Night Template

There are events at school that parents may attend, including talent night. This is the free design for banner used to announce talent night. By making this banner, you will be able to attract more people to come to the talent night and celebrate the talented students in the school. The free template is easy to use and to edit anyway.  

The templates are available already. Now, you need to download them and start making the banner for school. Whether the goal is for graduation, admission, and more, you can always use those banners up there and create the best school banner.

Download :

File File size Downloads
School Banner PSD Template For 2 MB 330
School Banner Template Example 1 MB 331
School Banner Template Ideas 3 MB 325
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