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Creative Graduation Banner Templates to Download

A graduation banner is mostly seen on graduation party, whether it is at school, campus, or venue. It is one of the most mandatory decorative elements on the party that has to be there. If you have the job of making the banner, you need to see some examples and designs down below. They will inspire you to make the best-looking banner for this purpose.


What to Write on Graduation Banner?

Of course, a graduation banner should have some encouraging words written to it. What should you write there? The examples of words and phrases to write will be shown down below. You should be able to look at the examples and then produce the best banner for the occasion. Read the information down below for you.

  1. Congratulations

The most common phrase to write on the banner is congratulations. Celebrating a graduation is something massive and it is such a great achievement for anyone to graduate schools. That is why the banner must include the word “congratulations”. Make sure that this word is there to encourage those who have made it out of school.

  1. Graduation Year

To commemorate the graduation success, the graduation year must be written. Usually, the year is written in the format of “the class of (year)”. However, you can write the year in any other format, too. It is just to make sure that everyone attending the party will understand the year of graduation.


The High School Graduation Banner PSD Template

Believe it or not, the most spectacular graduation party is often done after high school. A lot of people do not plan to go to college, and that’s why high school party graduation is the only chance and probably the last chance to celebrate the occasion. The PSD graduation banner templates will be useful to design the best high school graduation party banner.


The College Graduation Banner PSD Template

When people manage to graduate college, of course, it is such a massive achievement. That is why they tend to celebrate the events so massively. This is the banner they often use. It has all the great designs and encouraging words to tell the party-goers that someone is managing to get a degree from college. Download the PSD designs now.


The Elementary School Graduation Banner PSD Template

To make the banner celebrate graduation on an elementary level, you need to make the banner has funny design and colorful one, too. By the time children graduate elementary school, they will be around the age of 11 or 12. They like something colorful and fun to look at. The banner must look like that for sure.  

Well, those are the banners you should download. Depending on what level of graduation you need, you can use any of those templates. Just simply get them and then edit them on Photoshop. These PSD templates won’t take a long time to eventually turn into actual graduation banner. Download them all for free right now and you won’t regret it.

Download :

File File size Downloads
Graduation Banner Template Sample 4 MB 320
PSD Graduation Banner Template 4 MB 330
Sample Graduation Banner Template 1 MB 313
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