Mobile App Promotion Banner Example PSD Design

Mobile App Promotion Banner with Relevant Contents

Banner has been the best media for promoting content, event, product, and service. You can use it for various objects, whether for the tangible or intangible offers. One of the common ways for introducing the application is via the mobile app promotion banner.

People access the internet mostly from a smartphone. In the old days, the browser was the main application for handling the internet and website. Today, most businesses and platforms have a mobile app. You can install and open the app for accessing the platform. To attract more users, developers must have a relevant and reliable banner. The design and layout are specifically designed for promoting the mobile app.

Mobile App Promotion Banner Ideas and Concept

The mobile app is similar to events, products, and businesses. It is the content and topic that will be included in the banner. In that case, the idea and concept must adjust the content itself. The banner for the event should have the basic concept. The banner for the product explains the purpose, specs, and features. Meanwhile, for mobile app, you only need to focus on the way this app will give the benefits for users. Add more pictures, photos, and illustrations for a more impressive design.

Mobile App Promotion Banner Contents and Layout

You can find tons of examples for mobile app promotion banner. You can go to the official stores where people can install mobile apps. Explore each of the content and see every app that must have a banner. The design and styles are extremely varied, depending on the app itself. On the other side, the general content is quite similar.

  1. Mobile app name

The banner must contain the mobile app’s name. You should choose the name carefully to ensure the features and purposes are relevant. The app for streaming service has a simple name. Meanwhile, the mobile game app has an attractive name.

  1. Purposes and features

The banner provides technical specs, purposes, and features. It contains what people will get after installing it on their smartphone. The purposes must be relevant. You can enlist the features that will be available on this app.

  1. Photo or illustration about this app on a smartphone

For more attractive design, you should add photo or illustration that explains how the app looks like when people install it on their device. It does not have to be a real photo. As long as people have a big picture of what the app supposed to be, the banner has the proper layout.

  1. Additional information

You may add the detail or anything that seems necessary to be on the banner. Keep in mind you only put the most important thing. On the other side, the developer often uses the extra space for more photos that look like a screenshot directly from the phone while operating the app.

Mobile App Promotion Banner Design PSD

The design of a mobile app promotion banner is the task that requires the utmost preparation. Developers should install the app on the device that designers use. They can grasp what this app can do and provide. Moreover, they will illustrate or provide better photos. Convincing people is no easy task unless developers have the real screenshot as proof.

Mobile App Promotion Banner PSD Template

You might be in charge of making a mobile app promotion banner. Creating it from scratch is an exhausting task. The solution is using the PSD template. The platform is something that people already know because Photoshop is the most popular app for graphic design. 

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