Sports Banner Free Template in PSD

How to Use the Sports Banner Templates Effectively

For a sports team, there are a lot of reasons to make the sports banner. It will play a major role to promote the team, from the smallest league to the large professional team. So, how to make the banner which can captivate the heart of fans and also the sponsors? Let’s discuss it further.


How to Make the Sports Banner

  1. Making it from the scratch

Making a banner from scratch is the same as creating a personalized greeting card. You should decide the approach, the conceptualization of banner design, as well as the type of media. This banner-making approach is effective when you are only creating a small number of banners. Not to mention you should have much time to make it.

  1. Using the pre-made digital template

Pre-made digital templates can be found online. There are so many websites where you can find the banner templates for free of charge. It is best to use the pre-made templates when you have limited time on your hand. You may also have none to less knowledge of how to design the banner. All you have to do when using a ready-made template is making a minor change to adjust the team’s identity and concept.


What should be on the Sports Banner?

  1. Team logo

Embedding the team’s logo into the sports banner is a must. The logo is the identity of the team itself. When people forget the name of the team, they can recall the team they are talking about by identifying their logo.

  1. Team name/website

Also, the team name is a bundling package with a team logo. If you do not want to put the team’s name, at least you can write the team’s website, whether the website contains information on the team or marketplace for buying the merchandise.

  1. Sponsors message

The teams might have one or many sponsors backing them up, in exchange for advertisings when the team is having matches. One of the advertising methods is including the sponsor’s message on the banner. The content of the message itself depends on each sponsor.


The Sports Banner PSD Template Samples

There are tons of samples for the sports banner. Most banners consist only of the team’s name and logo, while the others can consist of more information, such as the website, sponsors, and even official store for buying the merchandise. Some banners include the contact information for the person in charge if they want to support the funding of the team.


The Sports Banner PSD Format

Do not worry if you only have a little skill in designing the banner. You have a long list of sports banner templates to be chosen. The templates are in PSD format. To customize it to the team’s standard will surely be an easy feat. As the editor, you only need to install a specific image app or use the one you are familiar with. The templates can be downloaded without having to worry about paying anything. 

Download :

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