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Making travel agency banner is such a mandatory thing when you want to promote the agency. A lot of people like going on vacation and most of the time, they do not want to do it all alone, especially on the planning. They do need the help of a travel agency. The agency is there to help customers preparing for the tickets and accommodations during the vacation.


Common Images to Find on Travel Agency Banner

Before getting to the templates of the travel agency banner, you should understand the common things or in this case images that will appear a lot of the banner. As the agency is for traveling, of course, you can predict the images that will appear there. Yes, it is the images of travel-related circumstances. Here they are:

  1. Airplane and Luggage

To make sure that people get the idea of the travel banner right away, you need to make sure that there are images of airplanes and luggage on the banner. It is easier that way as people will notice them and figure out right away that it is a travel agency promotional banner. Make sure the images are there on your design.

  1. People on Vacation

Usually, travel agencies put images of people on vacation on the banner. They are portrayed as strolling on the beach or having sunbath by the coast. By looking at the images alone, people can tell that it is a travel agency offering their services. When they do need help with their vacation planning, they will contact the agency right after that.


Professional PSD Travel Agency Banner Templates

To make sure the travel agency banner will lure a lot of people, the banner must look professional. The best way to do that is to keep the design of the banner elegant and sophisticated. The example for that can be seen down below. You can see the free design and template in PSD format over here.


Tour and Travel Agency Banner

The most common type of travel agency is on tour and travel. It provides local tours and overseas travel. They can help the customers get all the required accommodations, including tickets and hotels, too. This is the example to look at. The example can be downloaded for free and you can use it as a template. Stick to the design and adjust the content.


Rollup Travel Agency Banner PSD Template

Rollup banner is usually found in front of the travel agency office, most likely by the entrance. You can download the PSD template for a rollup banner. It helps you to make sure the banner for the rollup will look stunning as it will be the first thing people see when coming to the travel agency.  

You can get the templates now and edit them on Photoshop. Find out the best one that you need and then adjust them to your particular content. As those templates are free, you do not need to spend hours designing travel agency banner on your own and you can use those templates instead.

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