Post Card Invitation Free Template in PSD

The Post Card Invitation for Some Events

You may send a postcard for someone from a certain place. In the old days, sending a postcard was a common thing, especially when you visited interesting countries and cities. Each area had a postcard with a unique design. In general, this card is a mail that you can send without an envelope. The card is solid, thick, and strong. You can write your message or words on the back of the postcard. Today, you can also use a postcard invitation.

Post Card Invitation Idea and Concept

The idea is to send a postcard invitation directly to people who live far away from you. This invitation provides details about the event, such as party, birthday, celebration, and anything. The design adopts the basic layout of the postcard. You can add the artistic decoration and necessary detail like the place and date.

Well, you can use this idea for two purposes. Firstly, it is for the real postcard, which means you send it as similar to mail but without an envelope. Secondly, it just the designs or style for the invitation card you make. Keep in mind sending a postcard without an envelope is not a good idea. Other people will know about it, and your message is exposed. On the contrary, a private event requires privacy, and you can only rely on this style for an appealing purpose.

Post Card Invitation Components and Contents

The invitation with the postcard style is not too different when you compare it with others. It is just the way you decorate the invitation, but the content is quite similar. Check the following list for more explanation.

  1. Guests

This idea is suitable when you send an invitation to a single person or organization. It has his/her name on it. In general, this card is reliable for inviting the guests in formal and casual ways. You only adjust the vibe and tone for the entire contents.

  1. Postcard size and layout

The postcard has certain sizes. You can use solid and thick paper for creating the invitation. The layout has two main options, landscape or portrait. Both can have a single page or double columns.

  1. Event and theme

The event and theme are the keys to this invitation. You can make it for birthday, wedding, family gathering, baby shower, and anything.

  1. The detail and extra information

As similar to other invitations, you need to add the place and schedule. Make sure your guests know where and when the party will be held. Extra information is necessary if the guests require help and support.

Post Card Invitation PSD Design

You can use the postcard as the main layout for the invitation that you send for a certain event. In this case, the design must be suitable for the event, purpose, and theme. Check the following list for some designs you can find for the postcard invitation.

  • Family party postcard invitation design
  • Company celebration postcard invitation
  • Birthday party postcard invitation
  • Baby shower postcard invitation
  • Wedding postcard invitation

Post Card Invitation PSD Template

Designing a postcard invitation is a not difficult task. You can make tons of cards with various designs and styles. The only thing you must have is the PSD postcard invitation templates. Just get the file, and edit some sections. It is also reliable when you want to make a private and personal invitation. 

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