VIP Invitation Customizable PSD Design Template

The VIP Invitation as a Respect for Special Person

A VIP invitation is a respect for those who are considered special to attend an official event. These people are said to be special because of according to its abbreviation “very important person”. They can be your boss, figures, officials, colleagues, and other persons who are considered special in your eyes. Therefore, you need to give an elegant and luxurious design for the invitation.

VIP Invitation Features

Before making an invitation letter, several things should be considered for their characteristics.

  1. Decoration

The invitation decoration must look luxurious with a beautiful frame and ribbon.

  1. Theme

A vintage theme is favored by many invited designers. This is in the form of choosing soft-colored paper, such as off-white, beige, and pink. It also usually contains details of flowers attached to the edge of the invitation.

  1. Color

The color should look luxurious but don’t overdo it or look too flashy. The combination of colors as gold, silver, white, maroon, and purple will give an extraordinary impression. It can also be a color with a vintage theme that was mentioned earlier.

  1. Material

The selection of quality materials is needed to show the invitation is intended for VIPs. These materials can be quality paper, ribbons, brooches, and fabrics to make them look beautiful and glamorous.

  1. Packaging

The invitation should be packed in an exclusive thick box.

VIP Invitation PSD Design

Besides the features, graphic design is very important for your VIP invitation. The result of it will be an assessment for the recipient of the invitation, especially those belonging to the VIP. This relates to the invitation format in the form of typographic layout elements, effects, pictures, illustrations, dark light, color, and space.

A customizable design is presented to be selected and downloaded for later editing. This design is the PSD format, which is the default Photoshop application. The format already provides several layout elements and features that are originally designed. All that needs to be done is to choose one that suits the needs and theme of the invitation.

VIP Invitation PSD Template

The availability of templates with customizable PSD format can be searched and downloaded on the template provider website. These are available for free. The VIP invitation template comes with a layered image file. It is edited by splitting it into layers in Photoshop.

After editing, the file is saved in the same format. The advantage of choosing a PSD design is of high image quality. Even after saving, it won’t reduce the image quality. The next process for the template is to print it to make the invitation.

VIP Invitation PSD Functions

After knowing the function of the invitation, you also need to know the PSD design functions. First, it is a customizable file and the result of digital work. This is a file that can be edited at any time and repeatedly through photo editing programming. Then, it is also s an HQ image format. The file is a high-quality image which will be the best file choice for the customization process on your VIP invitation.  

Download :

File File size Downloads
PSD VIP Invitation Template 3 MB 352
VIP Invitation Design Ideas 35 MB 375
VIP Invitation Design Template 5 MB 387
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