Tea Party Invitation Free Download PSD

Tea Party Invitation Templates in Various Styles and Designs

The tea party is the old idea for enjoying the tea and sweet cake with friends and family. You can invite your friends and discuss trivial matters. Well, the invitation uses the term “tea party” as the title, but it can be used for the birthday celebration as well. If you are in charge of as a party planner, creating a tea party invitation must be done properly.

You can use this party for several purposes. Birthday seems the most common one as people feel relaxed and less formal while attending the party. Another one is for a baby or bridal shower. You can invite your friends and enjoy the afternoon tea. As usual, the party is the best moment for expressing gratitude and appreciation. In certain cases, you may incorporate this party as a business meeting. Some clients do not like a formal setting, which means you should find the alternative.

Tea Party Invitation Ideas and Concept

You use the invitation for your guests to ensure they receive the formal request for attending a certain event. This is the basic idea and concept that people consider before creating the invitation card. Today, you can make a tea party invitation, and share it via social media. It will shorten your time and effort to reach the people immediately.

Tea Party Invitation Contents

The next section will explore the contents that you find on a tea party invitation. There are various designs for this invitation, and most of them still rely on the same contents.

  1. Title and name

You know that it is the invitation to tea party just by looking at the title or name. You can write a simple title, such as a tea party alongside the name of the person who hosts this event. Adding the name in the title is useful and helpful because people will know what the party is about. If the party is not just for the tea, you can customize the name.

  1. Place and time

As usual, any invitation must have the necessary information, such as the place, venue, date, and time. If the party scale is quite big, the house is not enough. Therefore, there should be a place as a certain venue. After that, you can put the time and date. This is the basic information that everyone must know.

  1. Additional information

The last part is additional information. It is for the detail, such as the direction, theme, or anything related to the party directly. This part should be simple and easy to understand.

Tea Party Invitation Design Sample

The design for this party starts with a simple pattern and usual invitation contents. Moreover, you can add a specific layout and some artistic touches for making the invitation more appealing. Check some samples for this design at the following list.

  • Tea party for a private event
  • Celebration and birthday
  • Community or public tea party
  • Family gathering
  • Large scale tea party

Tea Party Invitation PSD Template

Creating a tea party invitation is not a difficult task as long as you know what to do. The template will reduce your effort since the file already contains the necessary components. Well, you can get the PSD template. It is editable and easy to adjust to your preference.  

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