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The Eccentric Event Invitation to Attract Guests’ Attention

In celebrating an event, you surely need an invitation to share with your guests. To express your hope of guests come, you need a good invitation. So, how to make the nice event invitation of yours? What is the information that must be shared? Let’s check the answers below.

PSD Event Invitation Types

There are several types of invitation. Those are based on what kind of events will be held.

  1. Formal Invitation

One of the event invitation types is a formal invitation. Usually, the businessman applies this one. It uses a simple design and aims to show the formality towards the guests. Moreover, this is designed simply because it emphasizes the information. The formal invitation also uses formal language.

  1. Informal Invitation

Meanwhile, the informal invitation includes the event of a birthday party, wedding, reunion, and others. It is used to apply informal words to invite guests. Also, it contains the picture, simple font, and bright color to indicate an informal style.

Event Invitation Design Guidelines

  1. Formal Invitation
  • Applying simple font

To boost the formal impression, this invitation uses simple fonts. It purposes to make the information readable because the focus is only on its information.

  • Using a good picture as the background

In the formal invitation, you have to use a good picture. In other words, if you want to hold a business event, you can use your product or service as the background of the invitation.

  • Putting the detail information

The formal invitation must include detailed information. It is about the intention of the invitation, the place or location, and the date. Also, you may add the facility’s details.

  1. Informal Invitation
  • Applying simple font

In making an informal invitation, it is better to apply a simple font to ease the guests in reading your information.

  • Set colorful background

The colorful background will help to tone up the invitation. When the guests see this colorful background, they will easily know that you hold an informal event. The background design may use the basic color along with some fun patterns.

  • Informing detail information

Like a formal invitation, the detail is also needed to clear the event you will hold. Usually, informal invitation contains the date of event, place, and type of event like birthday party, graduation party, and family reunion.

Event Invitation PSD Template Samples

There are some PSD template samples. As mentioned above, there is a formal event invitation that generally purposes to invite the businessman. Also, there is an informal invitation that can be created based on your design. Those template samples will help you like the references.

Event Invitation PSD Format

The format is available on PSD. It is very helpful for you who wants to decide your theme. Well, PSD format saves all editing processes, so you can undo and redo the result. There are also layers to adjust if you do not satisfy with the editing result. Moreover, the event invitation templates are freely downloaded.  

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