Fundraising Invitation PSD Template Free

Boosting the Numbers of Funders using Fundraising Invitation Card

The fundraising event is usually done by a social activist to get followers for the community. These followers are the donors for funding any social activities, such as helping the poor, kids, providing free healthcare, or another field that needs affirmative action. Therefore, having an interesting plan with a detailed analysis of what needs to be done by the community in the future is needed. Fundraising invitation is usually given by the social activist who holds the event which aims to attract the donors giving their money to help those who are in need. In the invitation, the interesting highlight is a “must-have” element.

Avoid the Inappropriate Picture in Fundraising Invitation Card

The miss-concept about fundraising invitation is it uses the content that can initiate the empathy and sympathy, like using the picture of slum area with kids living under poverty, using the sad headline, and another content which can trigger people’s emotional feeling. Unfortunately, these contents may be perceived as another meaning for some donors. The reason why people are lazy to donate is that they often think the over glorification of suffering is annoying. It shows the affectation that causes the donors less likely to support the program. The picture should be filtered in designing the invitation card. It should show hope and future goal that aims by the community. This will send a narrative that the community is more visionary.

Semi-formal Layout for fundraising invitation design

When it comes to the fundraising invitation, the design matters because the design and layout are the first things that people see. Make sure the graphics are professional but still creative and fresh. Using a semi-formal design with some bold lines on the layout, formal font, and soft background can initiate a unique art for the invitation. Well, the design also matters in giving more donations, so make sure you choose the design properly before publishing it.

The Information in fundraising invitation

Another element from this event that matters is the information detail at the top of your design. Here is the list of recommended information that must be included in the charity invitation.

  1. Event name: this is the name of your charity, and the logo would go on that. It is the obvious piece of the invitation. It is usually being the biggest to be seen by donors.
  2. Nonprofit cause: you can put the nonprofit logo of the charitable mission that the event supports.
  3. Date, time, and venue.
  4. Ticket or registration price: in this matter, you can include the price for a VIP table, too.
  5. The mechanism for registration: this is your call-to-action. You can give information about the website, email, or phone number. Make it big and clear in the design.
  6. Mechanism of a monetary donation.

Designing Fundraising Invitation Card with PSD Template

To cut your time off, you can relay to the PSD template. It will save not only your time, but it can also make the ideas wider to design the spectacular fundraising invitation. The additional idea can make the current editable PSD template look better, without losing your characteristic in making the design. You can put the identity of your design in the template, and make it obvious. 

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