Valentines Party Invitation Example PSD Design

Many Kinds of Valentines Party Invitation Design Ideas

February becomes the month of love. It is because there is Valentine’s Day during this month as the best moment to celebrate the loves. That is why the whole month can have a theme of heart and pink color. Of course, it is not only for couples, but it is also for friends and families. That is why there are many Valentine’s parties. There are many kinds of Valentine’s party invitation sent to many people, and each of the invitations has a nice design.


Details in the Valentines Party Invitation

Valentine’s invitation card is not different from other invitations. There are some details to include there, such as:

  1. Event name

The name of the event is the first detail to have in the party. This name will tell people how the event will be held, so the invitee can have some clues.

  1. Event details

The event details include the date, place, and time. These are important aspects of the events, so it should be clear and there must be no mistake.

  1. Dress code

Some party is made to have a certain theme. In this case, it is possible to have some dress code or costume to wear. The details must be included, so the invitee can make proper preparation before coming to the party.


Simple Valentines Party Invitation Design

In making the invitation, it can use a simple design. The design is possible to use the common color of Valentine’s Day. It is pink. When there is no clear idea to make the invitation, using a combination of pink and image of the heart is enough.

To make it better, the pink color can be made into some gradients, so it is like having some colors in Valentine’s party invitation. The heart may also be made big, so the event details can be added inside the heart. This simple design is enough to make a nice invitation.


Retro Valentines Party Invitation Design

There are many themes to bring to the celebration or party. Even if it is Valentine’s Day, it does not mean the different themes cannot be picked. In this case, the retro party is one of the nice concepts to choose from. It will be quite different from another party, and the invitees will be interested and curious about the event.

It will be great to add a dress code or costume to wear. Since it uses a specific theme, Valentine’s party invitation should also have a retro design. It is possible to choose certain colors or pattern that shows the retro style in making the design of the invitation.


Valentines Splash Party Invitation

For teenagers and youngsters, Valentine’s party should be made attractive. A simple party without a specific concept may not make them interested to come. In this case, a splash party is good to choose. There can be some moments where everyone can enjoy playing with water in the event.  

For the invitation, it may use some designs to show that it is going to have an interesting game with water. Having a pink splash instead of using the symbol of the heart is the nice of Valentine’s party invitation.

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