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Report Outline Template for Students, Business, and Other Parties

Making and submitting reports becomes something necessary to do on some occasions. Students must have certain reports for the class assignments. There can be a lab report, book reports, and other reports. In business, some reports should also be made, such as annual reports, and project reports, and other documents. Surely, many aspects and jobs require certain reports. In this case, having a report outline template can be quite helpful. The template provides a document that is ready to use, so people can focus on the content.


Parts of Book Report Outline

For students, submitting book reports can become one of the common tasks. They can have this assignment monthly, even in higher frequency. For the book report, the outline has some main parts, such as:

  1. Cover page

This will give general information about the book, especially about the title and author. Then, info about the genre, publisher, copyright year, and other details can be provided in this part.

  1. Book summary

This part must provide a summary of the whole content of books. It usually starts by stating the title and author. Then, the next point is to show the setting and character. After that, the summary is delivered based on the plot.

  1. Analysis

This contains the student’s opinion as to the reader. It will clarify the quality of the book, so students should state either it is a good or bad book, and then give proper reasons. Informing the message delivered by the author also becomes part of the analysis.

  1. Recommendation

This part is only to show whether students recommend the book or not. Giving some short reasons is also a good idea.


Simple News Report Outline Template

For people who want to learn journalistic and news making, it will be necessary to have a news report outline template. The outline template can help them to gain some information that can be developed into good and informative news.

Commonly, the simple news report online must answer the basic question of 5W+1H. It is about what happened at the event, who was involved, when and where it happened, how it happened, and also why there the event happened. Then, there can be a news headline on top of the outline.


Annual Report Outline Template

In business, the annual report becomes one of the great tasks to make. It is mandatory to make this, and all people can get involved in the process since it will become general reports about the whole business. That is why it is an important report.

The parts of the reports can cover many aspects. These will have some parts of evaluation and analysis. This will also provide some recommendations and suggestions. All of the points are necessary so the business in the next year can be better. Of course, things can be easier when there is an annual report outline template.


Police Report Outline Template

For police, they always have to make a report. When police are responsible to handle a certain case, they must make a clear report of the event. Commonly, the outline should provide information as the news outline.   

In this case, commonly the police offices already have a specific template for it. The officers only need to use the template. In case there is still no reference for it, downloading a report outline template can become an easy solution.

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