Research Paper Outline Template Sample

Research Paper Outline with the Valid Contents

A research paper is mostly a part of an academic assignment. Students must have this paper for the last project before graduation. Some companies use the research as a part of development and expansion. In general, you can start his research from the proposal and plan. After the project is accepted and granted, you can start collecting the data and then analyze it. At the end of the project, you can share the result with the paper that you publish. Some people call this paper a scientific article. To make sure you write it properly, you need the research paper outline.

Research Paper Outline Basic Idea

You write the paper because the research is done. On the other side, you still do the analysis and check it again before putting it into writing. From this point, the paper already has an outline from the proposal. When you apply it for a research plan, people will expect the result after reading the entire contents. You can keep the chapter from the introduction until the method then replace the rest with your finding.

On the other side, you should understand that the research paper outline could have a different format. You just write the research for the thesis, and the contents are very extensive. For publication, the content is still similar, but you put only the most important part. The publication only uses paper with several pages. On the contrary, you may have a hundred pages for the thesis. That’s why the outline will be different, but the main idea is still equal.

Research Paper Outline Contents

You will learn more about this outline after exploring some content. Keep in mind certain chapters or aspects can have various terms. However, they refer to the same definition and concept.

  1. Introduction

The introduction is the first chapter that decides whether your research is worth it or not. People can see the entire content and things they expect after reading the introduction part. You can explain the background, issue, research question, and hypothesis.

  1. Literature review and conceptual framework

As usual, you need the theory and reference to support your research. This part explains logical thinking and conceptual framework to justify your hypothesis.

  1. Method

When doing research, you can choose the population and respondent. After that, you need to prepare the timeline and data management.

  1. Data interpretation and analysis

The first three chapters are already available since the proposal or planning. You only need to edit a few things. The next chapter is data interpretation and analysis. This part is the core content of the paper itself. People want to know how you analyze the data and correlate it with theory.

  1. Conclusion

The last part is the conclusion which summarizes all contents since the beginning. It is the answer to the research question.

Research Paper Outline Design and Style

The research paper outline is for the formal document that you must follow. You can change a few things, but the entire layout and design will be strictly fixed. The company, school, college, and organizations have strict rules regarding the design. It instructs how you write the paper.

Research Paper Outline Free Download

Students can use the free research paper outline. They cannot make their own, except the content. The outline will guide me on how to write the paper properly. More importantly, you can get the template without spending money. More samples will be useful for references and comparison.   

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