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Best Research Paper Outline Templates to Download for Free

The most common reason someone failed to create an excellent paper is not that they cannot conduct good research – instead, they don’t plan the paper properly. To write a well-made research paper, it is essential to create an outline first. By having an outline, your job to write your research will become easier because it highlights all the relevant topics, subtopics, and sections. Even better, you can use paper outline templates to help you complete it faster.

Research Paper Outline Templates

Paper outline templates are the documents to guide, assist, and help you plan to organize your thoughts into the research paper. They typically start with an introduction, followed by the body that contains the relevant data and information such as facts, examples, sample sizes, analysis, questionnaires, and results. The last part of the outline is the conclusion, in which you wrap up the substance of your paper in a paragraph or two.

Paper Outline Templates Contents

Several sections must be included in a standard outline of a research paper, which are:

  1. Title page

The title page, or usually referred to as the cover page, is the first page of the whole research paper. The title page must include the information, such as the title, the author or your name, the supervisor’s name, the list of team members’ names if there is any, and the date.

  1. Abstract

Abstract usually put on the second page of the research paper document. The purpose is to inform relevant information to the readers. It contains the summary of the study, the research results, and the conclusion, all in the length of approximately 200 words.

  1. Introduction

This is where you explain the research topic and issue that you’re trying to solve to the readers. Try to write it as attractive as possible because it’s where the readers’ attention is grabbed. Insert your thesis in the opening paragraph of the introduction.

  1. Methodology

Input your approach and analysis methods, equipment, tools, and another relevant resource that used to conduct the study.

  1. Results and discussion

Highlight what you find during the study by using facts, statistics, and figures. Then discuss the result, whether it is met your expectations, or whether the hypothesis is proved or disapproved.

  1. Conclusion

Summarize your findings, share the research’s values, restate the prior thesis and highlight related ideas to future researches.

  1. References

List the sources you’ve used for the paper in the guidelines of the research paper format.

Paper Outline Templates Benefits

Using paper outline templates allows you to identify the main points of your research, which will make the whole writing work easier. Make sure all the main points are covered in the paper. Once the paper is done, do not forget to review and adjust where it is needed. Double-check if you have included all your data and arguments inside, as well as to check if the goal of writing the paper is already achieved.

Get Paper Outline Templates

There are many benefits to get if you decided to use paper outline templates. Besides, the templates can be downloaded for free. You are also able to customize them as much as you want.   

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