Sample Business Plan Outline Template

Free Customizable Sample Business Plan Outline for All Business Types

Having a business plan is an essential part of running a company, however, not each of them needs a formal document plan to show to the outsiders. Just a lean, simple, and practical plan will do if you only share it between the team. If you need to share it with the external party such as investors, lawyers, or banks, then you may want to create a well-crafted one by using a sample business plan outline. Feel free to decide the length or the in-depth level of your document. Just download the outline sample and template if you are ready to get started and fill the outline as a guide throughout the document.

Sample Business Plan Outline Elements

A sample business plan outline must include several items below:

  1. Company description: how the company strives to meet the needs of its clients by providing certain goods or services.
  2. Market analysis: examinations about the industry, competitors, and target market.
  3. Product description: insights about goods or services that the company will sell.
  4. Marketing plans: strategies to generate sales.
  5. Financial projections: details about the company’s financial statements.
  6. Funding request: request for funding along with the outlined budget.

Sample Business Plan Outline Benefits

Here are a few benefits you will get from providing attractive, easy to understand, and well-organized business plan:

  1. Higher chance to get outside funding

You have to present the business plan to get funding from investors or lenders. They want to be reassured that they’re investing in the right company that grows and develop positively. Try to serve plan with detailing steps to the fund givers.

  1. Getting a better understanding of the market

Conducting a market analysis is a key element of the business plan. During the conducting process, you will learn more about the industry, competitors, and target market. You may also learn how to see trends to create better decisions.

  1. Focusing on strategies more

As a businessman, you must be eager to dive right away to the industry. However, planning your steps with the best strategies will be helpful. Work on the important details before you’re plunging into the business.

  1. Checking the financial numbers

The financial projection is one of the elements of a business plan – thus the document can represent a prediction of your company’s financial health as well as setting the right expenditure plans to keep the business steady.

Sample Business Plan Outline for Any Company

The benefits of using a sample business plan outline are similar for all-scale business. However, the small and start-up businesses will benefit even more because it helps them to put together all pieces of the stair into success. Well-established and big-scaled businesses can use the plan too as the examining tool for multiple options.

Downloadable Sample Business Plan Outline

It is not easy and quick to create a solid business plan. You may wonder or doubt the importance and effectiveness of a sample business plan outline. The plan can increase the success chance if you take the course with the document.   

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