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Sample Course Outline to Facilitate Your Instructional Implementation

The teachers, tutors, trainers, lecturers, or instructors should be able to prepare both the instructional material and its practice. If you are one of them, the first thing that should be done in preparing your course by making a sample course outline. The students also need to know the outline, so they can prepare themselves for the instruction that will be given.

Sample Course Outline Basic Concept

You have ever thought if managing the students and the course is not easy. It needs good preparation by planning the course instruction. It is impossible to get your instruction to be well-conceptualized without planned instruction.

For this matter, some thoughts appear to complete your instruction. The sample course outline is available to organize your instruction task. It is made particularly to get an exact outlook of the course. It is also drafted to be well-readable and owning an exact structure. The most important thing for this outline is being able to facilitate instructional implementation.

Sample Course Outline Main Goals

It seems that managing a course is hard to apply. Moreover, talking about the time, it is also tough to manage. You need good time management. From this, you can arrange the course and the materials that will be adjusted with the proper time.

For all of these, the main goals why you should plan the course are:

  • To make you present the essence of your course
  • To help your instruction run smoothly
  • To get you to know what should be covered on the course, including the material, time, activities, and assignment
  • To get your students to prepare the materials before the instruction that will be given

Sample Course Outline Contents

You can write down several descriptions that can be provided in the sample course outline. The contents are as the following:

  1. Course name

It is related to the subject of yours for the whole.

  1. Instructor

It is the name of yours as an instructor.

  1. Location name

It is the name of your institution or organization.

  1. Major

It is the level or grade of the students based on their field.

  1. Time

It is a period of your course time from when to start until when to end. In other words, it’s the number of your course meeting.

  1. Course overview

It is all the materials you are going to instruct. Moreover, each material must be described briefly.

  1. Mark or evaluation

It is a description of the course percentage criteria value which tells the percentage of attendance, daily task or assignment, presentation, and final test.

  1. Learning outcomes

These tell students’ achievement after given a treatment. They should be the descriptions of the achievement in understanding the entire materials in the course.

Sample Course Outline Development

This sample course outline is required to give direction in implementing a course. Furthermore, it should be developed by the instructors, either individually or in a group. But as an individual, you do not need to worry. Several outlines are provided to select. You can select which one suits you best for the course. The outline is also developed to focus on creating or selecting the list of content that will be taught. 

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