Script Outline Template

Script Outline Template for Drama and Other Kinds of Performance

Making a script can become an interesting activity. It is more than just making a story since there are dialogues. The conversation will create the whole story. It gives different challenges compared to writing simple stories. Of course, commonly script is developed from a certain story. In the process of its development, using a script outline template can make things easier. The template can provide a document that is ready to use. It is effective to save time.


Content of Script Outline

Regarding the content of the script outline, there are some parts. There can be a script for videos or movies. Then, there are also scripts for drama and other performances. However, these still share some similarities, such as:

  1. Title and character

The first part commonly has information on the title. After that, there are some details of the characters. It is also possible to give some clues regarding the identity and other info about each character in the script.

  1. Dialogue

The most important part of the script is the dialogues. Each page always has dialogues, and it can involve some character at once. Creating the dialogue of characters can be one of the difficult parts in preparing a script.

  1. Narration and effects

Both in movies and dramas, it is possible to give some specific information. It can be about the expression or movement of the characters. Some narrations may also be added when it is a drama. Then, the effects of sound, lighting can be added. In the movies, specific editing or camera zoom can be specified.


Drama Script Outline Template

One of the common scripts can be found in drama. Before movies exist, things are performed in the form of drama. There are also many kinds of drama, such as musical drama. For the musical drama, it has songs, and characters are required to sing in a certain part.

Of course, the script of drama performance may not be easy. There are dialogues. Some technical information is also provided in the script, such as the lighting, decoration, and other else. These can be found easily in the drama script outline template.


Film Script Outline Template 

The film script is not different from the one in drama. It is about to act and perform. However, the script for the film may be simpler since things are helped by the camera technology and editing process. Some technical information may be delivered, but it will be given to a specific team.

Of course, having a good script outline template can be useful in the process of preparing the movie. Each character and a team member will have a script, so everyone knows what to do. The template provides an easy layout to create and construct the dialogues and other details.


Editable Script Outline Template

The template of the script outline is quite different from another template. It should be easy to modify and customize. There are many things to do change and improve in the template, and it can depend on the one in charge of the script.    

The editable template is the solution. With the editable template, anyone can easily modify the files. Adding columns, pages, and changing some layout can be done easily. In this case, people can get the script outline template easily, since there is a website to provide them with various script outlines.

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