Speech Outline Templates

The Sample Speech Outline with Proper Contents

Delivering the speech is a challenging task even though you often speak in the public. On the other hand, public speaking is a skill set that people must-have in the modern era. You do not need to be the best one, but at least you know how to do it properly. This is when you must have the sample speech outline.

It contains the things that you must speak. When you are in front of many people, nervous commonly happens when you cannot control yourself. The speech becomes less interesting then you speak not in the right theme. In this case, the outline will keep your speech in line. Your words are based on the theme, topic, and solution. More about this topic will be explored in the following section.

Sample Speech Outline Ideas and Concept

The basic concept of speech outline is similar to writing. You should put contents that are highly relevant to the topic. People like something out of the box but not too much. During the speech, you can make a casual reference and joke, but only in the right situation. People will give attention because they expect to get something from your speech. Therefore, anything you speak must be relevant and valid.

You can speak about a certain topic if you understand the topic itself. This is the basic way to avoid nervously. As you can see, some people only grasp the outer and skin of knowledge, but you master it. This situation makes you have more credentials and the right for delivering the speech. You should prepare the sample speech outline, and turn it into your own.

Sample Speech Outline Contents

The contents of this outline are not complicated. Put aside the complex structure when you must speak for people you do not know. The most important thing is a simple speech, and the content is straight to the point. The next list gives examples of contents you mostly find in the sample speech outline.

  1. Introduction

The introduction contains greeting and affirmative speech to attract attention. This part will determine whether you can deliver a good speech or not. Keep the introduction as formal as possible before adding the casual joke. Then, prepare the transition into the main contents.


  1. Core content

This part has long items depending on how much the content you must give. The speech is usually 15 to 30 minutes. You can arrange the contents based on the timeline and period. Avoid unnecessary thing that leads the situation into the out of the topic speech.


  1. Closing

As usual, you should make a conclusion and summary then close. As similar to an introduction, the closing should be short, but you may relax the audience with some informative and useful words.

Sample Speech Outline and Templates

In general, you can make your speech outline. On the other hand, some people do not have the time for preparing the speech and end up making a mistake. In that case, the template will guide how your contents are arranged properly. Here are the samples of the speech outline.

  • Persuasive speech outline
  • Eulogy speech outline
  • Acceptance speech outline
  • General speech outline

Sample Speech Outline Main Design

The sample does not have a formal design or layout. You just write the core items that will be in the speech. It looks like a simple list of highlights. The layout can use additional explanation, including the instruction of how you must act.   

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