Store Clerk Job Description and the FAQ


The store clerk usually works in the retail stores and works to help the customers by locating the products or making the purchase. In other words, a store clerk will associate to address the customer service concern and answer questions about the items solid in the store. Therefore, creating a store clerk job description is important to make people understanding the job description well.

The store clerk job description template 

Looking for a store clerk should be careful because she/ he has an important role in their job. You need to hire a friendly and energetic store clerk to create an attractive display that will help the customers and check their inventory. A store clerk also will have a responsibility like cleaning the store, chasing up the items, and also packing the storeroom.

Furthermore, a store clerk also will ensure the store’s appearance aligns with the company’s standards and keeping the shelves and display well-stocked or organized well. They also will help the customers by using a cash register to process payment for transactions.

To succeed in the store clerk, you need to have the energy to be on your feet because you will maintain a positive attitude. A top candidate for a store clerk can remain professional with difficult customers.

The store clerk responsibilities

To be a store clerk, you have some responsibilities to do. Some store clerk job description responsibilities are:

  • Packing the store items onto the shelves
  • Greet the guest and answer the question suitable with their need with a good service
  • Keep a well-organized and orderly storefront that aligns with the company’s image
  • Present the customers to the current discounts and provide within the store to promote both sales and brand awareness
  • Endeavor to achieve weekly sales goals and actively look for upselling when possible
  • Help the customers to fit the rooms by bringing additional clothing option for multiple sizes
  • Make sure the stock room is organized well
  • Process the return and coupons properly when the company’s stated policy and procedures are following
  • Help the customers with purchases by processing the payment at the register

The store clerk job description requirements 

A store clerk also has some requirements to fulfill for the candidate. Some store clerk job description requirements are:

  • A high school qualification or equivalent
  • Capable to spend an extended period to work in a standing position
  • Basic math skills are needed to accurately close out a transaction and offer change to the customers
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Well-groomed appearance
  • Capable to prioritize the tasks given
  • Capable to work in multitasking and balance the needs of several customers at once
  • Friendly and approachable behavior

The store clerk FAQs

What does a store clerk do?

It is like in the store clerk job description design. The store clerk will help the daily operation of a store and works under the direct supervision of a store. They are also responsible to sell the product and offer customer service to consumers on the floor.

What are the main skills for a store clerk?

The main skills for a store clerk are capable to perform the job. It means that they have to be excellent and exceptional work ethic to work and complete all of the store clerk job description requirements.



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