Swimming Certificate Example PSD Design

Download Swimming Certificate Design Templates in PSD Format for Free

Swimming certificate templates are the collection of free documents to acknowledge a swimmer’s achievement. These templates are editable and available for instant download. The certificate can be given as an act of positive encouragement for achievers, students, or kids.

Swimming Certificate Free Templates

If you are a swimming trainer that works for certain institute or school, you must be familiar with giving students a lesson about swimming techniques and methods. As it does with other sport types, showing acknowledgment, encouragement, and appreciation is a good way to keep them motivated and develop their skills.

Presenting a swimming certificate might be one of the ways to achieve the things above. However, creating one from scratch is very time-consuming, not to mention you need to have a certain set of graphic editing skills to do so. The templates here are meant to be the helping hand so you can create the certificate easily only by downloading and customizing the documents.

Swimming Certificate Components

Here are some things that must be included inside the certificate:

  1. Heading: the purpose of putting the certificate heading is to ensure that the readers knew what it is for. The heading text should be set as the largest and clearest one from the other text.
  2. Sub-heading: sub-heading is the short line that explains to whom the certificate is presented. It usually put along the lines of “This certificate is given to.”
  3. Recipient name: in this section, you have to write the full name of the person who receives the certificate. It is very important to write and spell the name correctly.
  4. The reason for presenting the certificate: you have to state what the certificate is for. You may write the achievement, performance, or other reasons.
  5. The location of presenting the certificate: you may write about the institution that you are teaching under, such as the name of the school, club, or the name of the competition held.
  6. The date of presenting the certificate: write the full date of when the certificate of awarded with the information of the day, month, and year.
  7. Signature: to make the certificate legitimate and authentic, the sign of award giver is needed.

Customizable Swimming Certificate PSD

These templates are really simple and easy to use. Here are the steps you need to do to use it:

  1. Choose any template file in PSD format with the design, layout, and format that you want.
  2. Click on the download menu.
  3. Open your Adobe Photoshop software to edit and customize the contents of swimming certificate
  4. Save your edits to the computer.
  5. Print the template. You can either print it by yourself at home or bring the file to the nearby copy shop to have it printed in high-quality paper to get the best outcomes.

Download Swimming Certificate

Using templates is the easiest and fastest way to create a certificate. Moreover, you can get it for free so it is affordable as well. Try now and create your personalized swimming certificate to award your students or your kids over their achievements.  

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