5+ Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

Bi Weekly Timesheet Template to Track Employees’ Work

Employers don’t just give tasks for employees to do. They also need to monitor their work to determine how much they have to be paid for it. So, why don’t you use bi weekly timesheet template to help you with that? This particular template will be a great help for you. Let us tell you more about it in this chance.

There is a lot to know about it. We will start from its definition, continue on with the making, and finish it with useful tips to consider. All is for the success of making this very timesheet. You might even be in the dire need of it than what you much think.

What Is Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

Descriptively, this employee weekly timesheet is used by employers to monitor the work of their employees. You write on what they are tasked to do, time range given to get it done, and what’s accomplished within the set time. From this, you can decide on how much is suitable for the works done.

Without the help of timesheet such as this, it would be hard to determine it. You can’t afford to make any mistake in paying their work and lose their trust, right? So, don’t take the risk if you can prevent such thing from Happy with this weekly timesheet.

How to Make Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

Let’s get on to the making, shall we? Business weekly timesheet will prove to be useful if you know how to make it. After all, it serves specific purpose and you need to make sure to benefit from it. Otherwise, it would be a waste of your precious time. Worry not! We are here to tell you how to make this timesheet.

  • Make two tables for each week
  • Put the names of the day in the Date column
  • Categorize for the next columns, such as Regular Hour, Overtime Hour, Sick
  • Make Total column on the last column and row

Tips to Create Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

If the procedure is too short to make out, it would be the time for you to take some tips into account. They should add for the better of your timesheet. Do make the best employee work timesheet if you want to make the best means to monitor the work of all your employees. Here are the tips you need to consider.

  • Gather data needed to fill timesheet in
  • Be precise with the work hour
  • Be extra careful when calculating wages
  • Give double check when it is done

Do take a look at weekly timesheet samples to give you a picture of how it is supposed to look like. There are many designs to choose one from. Even so, anything is fine as long as it has all you need to help you calculate employees’ wages from their work.

Sure, you are free to use the readymade templates when you run out of time. They have format and design ready to offer. It is worth trying, though it is not impossible to make yourself as well. Either way, bi weekly timesheet template will help you get your job done and make employees happy with the job.

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