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Fundraising Event with Charity Ticket

There are several possible ways to raise donations in every event. You can use the website, donation boxes, flyers, pamphlets, or even charity tickets. This ticket is the most popular way to raise donation nowadays by collaborating it with influencers, sports game or even a concert. How can a fundraising foundation make a good selling ticket which surely makes people interested to donate in the event?

The Best Event to Use Charity Ticket

  1. Meet and greet

To collaborate with this ticket with the most popular artists or influencers is a great way. You can ask them to join your charity event and make them as the guest stars. They will hold a meet and greet event that includes fan signing, product promotion, etc. The more famous they are, the more fans will buy your tickets.

  1. Sports game

Another way to raise a donation using this ticket is by making a sports game event. By using the most popular sport in your country as a major interest, you can ask them to make a friendly match. This will attract each team’s fans to buy your ticket. But always remember, the most famous team has the most fans in town.

  1. Concert

This is the popular way of using the charity ticket: concert. Everybody loves music, don’t we? Well, use the most popular bands or musicians to promote a great selling point for this ticket. Nowadays, millennials tend to watch live concerts with various genres and musicians then spending their money on saving.

How to Design Charity Ticket

  1. Choose your picture

Using attractive related pictures will boost the aesthetic value of the ticket. You can select the picture using a fan page website that can provide the subject picture. Remember using a non-copyright picture from the internet or you can photograph it by yourself.

  1. Choose your font

You can combine several different fonts on the ticket. It will create a slight hint or different creative design that boosts the aesthetic of the ticket. It can also be used to differentiate the information. Make sure the information is brief and clear.

  1. Color mix and match

Mixing and matching the color is the key. You can make the ticket more attractive and have a selling point. Combine the colors, make them bold, and bring the aesthetic contrast in your charity ticket. It will help the design looks valuable. It is better to treasure a well-designed ticket than a cheap papery ticket, right?

Charity Ticket PSD Template

What if you are too lazy to design it? Well, the PSD template or pre-designed sample of the ticket has many variations. You can download it on the web. Choose it from the cheapest one (even free) to the expensive one. Make sure you choose the right PSD template for your ticket based on your project.

Charity Ticket PSD Format

You may find the design of the ticket template is too boring and lame. Well, many websites provide the PSD format template that you can customize freely using several creative applications. Therefore, it is not difficult to design a creative charity ticket for some events.

Download :

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