5+ Comic Book Panel Template

Comic Book Panel Template and How to Make It

Comic is one of the most popular types of books. Usually, comic fans are teenagers and kids. A comic comes with a panel(s). In this article, we will focus on discussing a comic book panel template. So, if you want to make your own book panel, you should pay attention to the following discussion carefully.

What is a Comic Book Panel?

A panel is a single drawing, or an individual frame, in the multiple-panel sequence of a comic book or comic strip. Usually, a comic book panel consists of a single drawing that depicts a frozen moment. It is very important to know that a comic strip or book may come with one or more panels.

It is often but not always that multiple panels are separated by a short amount of space. This space is well known as a gutter. From this explanation, we know that the number of panel of a comic may vary. Anyway, you will have to know how to create a panel for a comic book or comic strip properly.

How Many Panels Are in a Comic Book?

There is an average of five panels per page. However, you may have as little as one panel. This is called a splash page. You may also have as many as you can fit onto a page realistically. Rarely, comics go more than nine panels per page. Before start creating a comic strip panel template, you have to know about it.

Types of Comic Book Panels

Based on the number of panels, you will find different types of panels for comic books. One of them is a 3-panel comic strip. It is the ultimate litmus test for a good comic artist. This is made of 3 simple elements including a set-up, reinforcement, & a punch line.

Besides that, there is also a 4-panel comic strip. This is a comic strip format that usually consists of gag comic strips in 4 panels with equal size. The panels are ordered from top to bottom. Anyway, you will have to understand a comic panel template and how to create it.

Tips on How to Make a Comic Book Panel

There are different types of software you can use to create a panel for a comic book. However, it doesn’t only require a lot of effort but will also take a lot of time. That is why this task can be a bit frustrating.

If you want to create a panel for a comic book or comic strip quickly and effortlessly, you can use our PSD comic book panel template. You are not only allowed to download your preferred template but also edit it using Adobe Photoshop because it comes in PSD format.

So, you just need to find the most appropriate comic book panel template and download it. After that, you can directly edit it to fit your needs. You may change its color, add texts, etc. Now, creating a comic book panel will be much more effective and efficient.

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