5+ Common Core Lesson Plan Template

Common Core Lesson Plan Template and Its Guidelines

If you are new in the education field, you may have a vague idea about a lesson plan. But it’s likely that you do not have a good understanding of the aforementioned concept. In this case, you will need our common core lesson plan template. It shows where to start & where you finish.

What is a Common Core Lesson Plan?

A common core lesson plan illustrates how a teacher wants to conduct his/her classes, what he/she seeks to achieve from it, & how he/she wants to achieve what he/she seeks. It is usually in a written form. Since there are many kinds of teachers, there are also many types of lesson plans.

A lesson plan template is usually what a trainee teacher is needed to produce. Apart from details of each class activity, a lesson plan should list the instructions & questions it will provide the class. In addition, it should also include the timing for each activity.

Benefits of a Common Core Lesson Plan

A PSD common core lesson plan template has a few benefits:

  • It is a well-though out document

A considerable amount of time is needed to write a lesson plan. So, if a teacher gathers something in a few minutes, he/she is heading for trouble.

  • It is more than a guide

It suggests the approach a teacher needs to take for teaching students about a certain subject. It also lets the teacher make his/her own decision regarding what to use & not to use.

  • It is reasonably a detailed document

This document includes a lot of information such as the potential problems you can encounter during the lesson course & solutions to the problems.

Components of a Common Core Lesson Plan

A common core lesson plan sample template comes with a few components:

  • Objectives

This is the main component of a lesson plan. Without objectives, a lesson plan will be nothing more hand a piece of paper.

  • Anticipatory set

It also belongs to the most important element of a lesson plan. It engages your students in the learning about to happen. It sets the lesson tone & motivates the students to learn more.

  • Direct instruction

It is where you outline how you will present the lesson concept to your students clearly. Some of the examples include reading a book, displaying diagrams, using props, etc.

  • Required resources

It is very important to list the needed resources for a lesson.

  • Guided practice

It includes the activities the students are asked to perform under your supervision to practice & apply the skills taught to them.

  • Closure

When you close it & make the info more meaningful for the students, it is called closure.

  • Independent practice

It shows how your students will exhibit if they understood the learning goals of the lesson.

  • Assessments & follow up

It does not end with students who complete a worksheet. This section is where a teacher evaluates the final outcome of the lesson as well as the degree to which the learning objectives were attained.

That is all about a common core lesson plan template. We have many templates available here. You can choose your preferred one and edit it to fit your needs.


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