Staffing Coordinator Job Description and Its Required Qualifications


A staffing coordinator is a person who oversees the needs of all staffing as well as the company’s operations. He/she also liaises with recruiting agencies to fulfill vacancies on time. In relation to the staffing coordinator job description, he/she also supports candidate screening & hiring processes.

Staffing Coordinator Job Description Template

We are hiring a staffing coordinator now. In this role, a staffing coordinator undertakes different tasks including employee recruitment, orientation, & placement. He/she also ensures that the company complies with all related laws about employment.

In this staffing coordinator job description template, we also discuss the required qualifications to be met. To be a staffing coordinator, you must be a good communicator. You should also be able to foster relationships with employees & external vendors. Human resources experience is also required.

Staffing Coordinator Job Responsibilities

The goal of a staffing coordinator is to ensure that the staffing requirements of the company are always met. Besides, a staffing coordinator also ensures that employees work in supportive requirements. The detailed staffing coordinator job responsibilities are provided in the following list:

  • Oversees the needs and the company’s operations
  • Liaises with the process of recruiting to fill vacancies on time
  • Supports candidate screening as well as hiring processes
  • Facilitates procedures after hiring regarding employee relocation and legal document
  • Helps in preparation & execution of orientation & training plans
  • Develops the schedules of the work by allocating employees in positions and shifts
  • Assumes responsibilities for time off requests and timekeeping
  • Collaborates with payroll to ensure the correct compensation of the employee
  • Ensures compliance with external & internal regulations and policies
  • Prepares and submits reports on staffing operations

Staffing Coordinator Job Requirements

It requires some qualifications to fulfill this job position. The required qualifications relate to experiences, knowledge, skills, abilities, and many more. The following list contains the staffing coordinator job requirements in detail:

  • Proven experience working in a similar role especially as a staffing coordinator
  • Experience in HR planning & execution such as hiring, on boarding, etc
  • Solid knowledge of related legal regulations (visa procedures, laws, relocations, equal employment opportunity, etc)
  • Knowledge of staffing procedures, policies, & best practices
  • Outstanding skills in organizational & leadership
  • Excellent skills in interpersonal & communication
  • Reliable with respect to confidentiality
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, especially business administration or human resources
  • Valid certification like ASA credentials can be a plus

Staffing Coordinator Job Description FAQs

Can I edit the posted job description template here?

Of course, you can. You are allowed to customize the staffing coordinator job description editable template posted here. So, just feel free to tailor it to your needs because you may give different duties or require different qualifications.

Do you have interview questions for a staffing coordinator?

Besides the staffing coordinator job description, what is on this web also includes some question samples you can use for interviewing the candidates of a staffing coordinator.



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