Compare and Contrast the Essay Outline Template

Compare and Contrast the Essay Outline to Guide You Writing a Well-written Paper

If you are currently a high school or college student, then you must have encountered various types of writing assignments, in which each of them has its requirement. Compare and contrast is one of the essay types that you will commonly find. It focuses on two particular things or ideas in a category to identify their similarities and differences from one another. It will encourage you to find a connection between ideas, develop critical thinking, and gain a deeper understanding of the things you discuss. Learn more about the topic by reading and using these compare and contrast essay outline templates.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

To put it simply, compare and contrast essay outline is used for an essay that evaluates two subjects, in the aspect of their similarities and differences. It is usually challenging enough to write an essay with only one topic, let alone two. However, it is still highly possible to write a coherent essay if you used an outline that will guide you through the process of essay writing.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline  Ideas

In case you need an idea of what to compare within your essay, take a look at several ideas below. The list by no means is a definite or a complete one, but at least they can give you some inspirations on the topic if you’re feeling stuck.

  1. Comparison between two historical events or periods

Write about the time or duration that both events occurred, things that happened and changed, and the reasons why those events are significant. Include things that caused the particular events and the consequences or effects they had later on.

  1. Comparison between two theories or ideas

Explain what the ideas or theories about, the focuses and the purposes, the persons that created or used them, how applicable both are. Then compare, which one seems more plausible according to you based on factual, accurate, and evidence-based arguments.

  1. Comparison between two pieces of art or literature

Describe both pieces – their titles and things they portrayed about. Write about the creator and the time they are created. You can explain about the themes, qualities, plots, tones, settings, characterization, narration types, and other things about both of them.

  1. Comparison between two people

Write about the places they were coming from and the things they are known for. If both people are connected in some ways, describe the relationship between them.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Some essays may require only comparison, or only contrast, or both of them. Sometimes, comparison and contrast are the only part of the paper. The more you write about them, the more you learn how to construct better evaluation or arguments against things. The compare and contrast essay outline can help you to practice more in an easier way.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

When writing a compare and contrast essay outline or any other type of essay, it is necessary to create it so the readers can be engaged in the content and discussion. Download the templates for free to help you write one right now.

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