IT Specialist Job Description and Its Requirements


An IT specialist is an employee who works using computer-based information systems. You will also work with network & software apps as well as computer hardware. Working with an organization, agency, or business that uses technology, here is the IT specialist job description.

IT Specialist Job Description Template

If you want to apply for this job position, ideally you must achieve a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science with an IT certification as well as an experience in a similar role at least 3 years. The complete requirements can also be seen in the following IT specialist job description template:

A good candidate should also be proficient in programming languages. Being experienced in writing codes also belongs to its requirements. You also must be familiar with all the tasks & duties given by our company. The more detailed job description will be discussed further below.

IT Specialist Job Responsibilities

The information technology specialist job responsibilities can be different from one to another. All the tasks and duties should be done professionally. The detailed responsibilities of an IT specialist can be shown in the following list:

  • Meets with prospective clients for determining requirements
  • Engages with clients for defining the project scope
  • Plans timeline & resources required for projects
  • Travels to sites of clients
  • Responsible for database administration, software development, and network management
  • Defines hardware, software and network requirements
  • Identifies and resolves to project various problems or issues happened in the projects
  • Prepares a project status report

IT Specialist Job Requirements

To be a good IT specialist, some qualifications are required. The required qualifications usually relate to certification, experience, skills, etc. Different companies may require different qualifications. If you apply for this position to our company here are the IT specialist job requirements to be met:

  • An IT certification will be preferred
  • Experience in a similar position at least 3 years
  • Proficient in various programming languages
  • Experienced in writing codes
  • Expert level in Ms. Office apps including Project
  • Excellent skills of communication both written & oral
  • Familiar with different types of hardware and software
  • Technical support role in the past
  • Willing to travel sites of clients

IT Specialist FAQs

What does an IT specialist do in a company?

An IT specialist generally works using computer-based information systems. He or she will also work with network & software apps as well as computer hardware. For more detailed tasks and duties of an IT specialist, you can see the template above.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Indeed, you can. You are allowed to edit the details included in the information tech specialist job description template posted here. Your company may give different responsibilities for the IT specialist and require different qualifications for the candidates.

Do you have interview questions for an IT specialist?

Besides the IT specialist job description, some interview questions are also provided on this web. You can find them on another page.


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