Elementary School Teacher Job Description and Its Requirements


An elementary school teacher has a responsibility to make a welcoming environment in the classroom. Making & executing lessons in the classroom also belong to his or her duties. There are still many other tasks & duties to do. Now, let’s see this elementary school teacher job description for more details.

Elementary School Teacher Job Description Template

The elementary school teacher’s responsibilities are not only for students but also for parents. In this job title, some teachers can grow into the principal or vice-principal. It depends on their performance or other factors like certification, tests, etc.

To be an elementary school teacher, you must have a teaching experience for at least 2 years. Besides that, you are also required to have a Master’s degree in teaching. Some skills are also required. The following elementary school teacher job description template will explain it in more details.

Elementary School Teacher Job Responsibilities

Working at a school, an elementary school teacher will have many tasks and duties. With great responsibilities, this kind of teacher must be professional. We have a list of the elementary school teacher job responsibilities as you can see below:

  • Keeps the classroom under control
  • Develops lesson plans
  • Establishes and enforces a set of rules for the classroom
  • Keeps parents updated on the progress of their children
  • Prepares students for some standardized tests
  • Monitors the halls in between classes
  • Encourages students to learn as many as lessons they can
  • Recognizes problematic behavior in students

Elementary School Teacher Job Requirements

As you have seen above, an elementary school teacher has great responsibilities. He or she has to do many tasks and duties everyday. That is why it requires many qualifications to be an elementary school teacher. For more detailed elementary school teacher job requirements, you can see the following list:

  • Master’s degree in teaching
  • Ability to get the most out of students
  • Ability to communicate problems or issues to students’ parents
  • Ability to control the classroom
  • State certification in teaching
  • Empathy to care for students in the classroom
  • Excellent scheduling ability
  • Good organizational skills
  • Excellent skills in listening and communication

Elementary School Teacher Job Description FAQs

What does an elementary school teacher do in the classroom?

An elementary school teacher has responsibilities to make a welcoming environment in the classroom, make & execute lessons in the classroom, and do many more. For more detailed tasks and duties, the job description template above has explained it further in lists.

Can I edit the posted elementary job description template here?

Of course, you can. If you want to add or remove the list of responsibilities or requirements in the editable elementary school job description template, just feel free to do it. In fact, different schools may have different policies.

Do you have interview questions for an elementary school teacher?

This web does not only contain the elementary school teacher job description but also some interview question samples.


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