10+ Printable Bill Of Lading Template

Bill Of Lading Template for A Transparent Business

When you look for the term of the bill, you will find that it is a printed or written statement about the costs after the transaction. However, the bill itself has some types with different purposes and fields of use. Here, we will talk about the bill of lading template as a common type to know.

The bill of lading is applied between the shipper and the transportation company. Of course, this bill is made as evidence of the transportation of goods. That is why by using the bill of lading, there will be better transparency for the business.

What Does Bill Of Lading Mean?

As we have said before, the bill of lading is the legal document that is used for sending goods. The transportation company will make this document and give it to the shipper. It means the shipper will have the right to claim about the good and they also will have a guarantee.

This bill of lading also can be said as a receipt for the cargo after being shipped. Inside this document, there is some detailed information about the shipments, the parties, and others including the legal contract for the transportation.

What Are Types of Bill Of Lading?

There are some types of bill of lading that should be known. The different bill of lading means this document can be applied for different purposes and conditions.

The types of the bill of lading to be known are:

  • Straight bill of lading
  • Open-bill of lading
  • Bearer bill of lading
  • Order bill of lading
  • And others

It is nice when you try to know the detailed information about each type of bill. By knowing the detailed bill of lading, of course, you could know which bill is relevant to be used.

What Are Basic Contents of Bill Of Lading?

The bill of lading has some points as its basic contents to be known. The basic contents of this document are:

  • The complete name and official address of both receiver and shipper
  • The purchase orders or invoice numbers will ease the party to check the shipment status
  • The date of the pickup and the date of the estimate
  • The details of the purchased and shipped items
  • The details of the packaging, such as cartons, palates, crates, and others
  • Any special instruction or note for the carrier that should be written clear and concise

Of course, through the basic contents of the bill of lading, you may know what to be written inside it. However, you need to make sure that it should be readable and only consists of important information to keep it concise. Avoid writing unnecessary words that could daze the readers.

Bill Of Lading Template Files

Using the bill of lading template can be a helper when you want to make this document. By using a template, you will find the basic shape of it. All you need to do is personalizing the information and edit it based on your business details. Get the free template of the bill of lading on this page.

Printable Bill Of Lading Template Sample

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