10+ Printable Bill Of Sale Auto Template

Bill Of Sale Auto Template for Clear Transaction

When you run a business selling autos, providing the bill of sale is what you need to do. Well, the bill of sale will be an important document to make a clear transaction. That is why you should know about the bill of sale auto template as another reference to get.

This document is a legal document that will be applied to record the transfer, especially the personal transfer, including for the auto business. When the buyer gets this bill, it means they have legal evidence for the transaction. Then, they also have a right for claiming.

What is Bill Of Sale Auto?

In simple, the bill of sale is a document that is used to record the detailed transaction between the buyer and the owner of the business. When it comes to the auto, of course, it tells about the detailed transaction of autos, including the price, detail auto, and others.

The seller should draft this document. All detailed transaction with the buyer should be written there. In some transactions, a bill of sale also consists of several agreements between the two parties. The agreement is very essential just to make a clear deal between the parties.

What Should Be Included Inside Bill Of Sale Auto?

A generic bill of sale auto has some points to be included. The detailed points will provide clear information about the transaction. Some points of the bill of sale to be written are:

  • Date of auto purchasing
  • Name and address of the seller and the buyer
  • Amount paid for the transfer
  • Description of the assets that have been transferred
  • Guarantee of the auto after the transaction
  • Representations
  • Signature of the buyer, seller, and the notary public

Some points as above can be the consideration when you want to make a bill of sale for the auto transaction. However, some bills of sale may come with different details.

Tips to Make Bill Of Sale Auto

To make a good bill of sale, finding a template of it can be a way to do. The template will show the basic shape of the document. You may follow it to make yours.

On another hand, since it is a legal and formal document, you need to pay attention to the detailed information inside the bill of sale. Make sure that you write every word formally. Besides, you also need to keep it simple and concise.

In making the bill of sale, do not forget to make some copies. It is an important thing to be done. The copies can be saved by the parties that run the transaction as evidence of a legal transaction and can be a tool to claim when there is a problem that happens after the transaction.

Bill Of Sale Auto Template Files

Using the bill of sale auto template is a good idea to do, especially when you want to find an easier way to make it. We have several samples of the templates that you could get for free. Of course, all templates will be useful and it is easy to be edited.

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