10+ Printable Call Sheet Template

Call Sheet Template for Film Industry

People in the film industry will realize that the call sheet template is an important matter for their schedule and detailed working. Well, it is quite reasonable since the call sheet will show the detailed information that is needed during the photo shoot to produce a successful film.

Making a call sheet is a must. In common, this document is made by the assistant director. Since the importance of this document and how a call sheet will influence the result of the filming process, this document should be made carefully and detailed.

What is Call Sheet?

In simple, a call sheet can be known as a daily film schedule that is made and arranged by the assistant director. This document is made based on the detailed shot list from the director. It is because one of the roles of the assistance is to handle the issue during the production.

The call sheet can be breakdown into several sections, as:

  • The first section consists of the crucial information of the production and it should be written before the other section
  • The second section tells about the detailed time and location for the filming process. There should be extra information, especially the needed details
  • The third section covers the details of the shoot and more information to organize the schedule for the shooting

What should be Inside Call Sheet Template?

To make a good call sheet, you need to include some information inside the document. Of course, the detailed information will be a source of points for the whole participant to run the instructions.

Some things and information that should be included inside the call sheet are:

  • Contact details, especially of the VIPs
  • The title of production and the crew call
  • Detailed information about the dates, days, and weathers
  • Set address, parking, hospitals, and others
  • The daily schedule of shooting
  • The lists of talents
  • The background and stand-ins
  • The notes of the department
  • The lists of crews
  • The advance schedule

Tips to Make a Good Call Sheet

There are some tips to help you create a good call sheet. Since it is very essential for the whole shooting program, of course, this document should be written clearly and simply. You may follow the basic format of it, so making this document will be easier.

On another hand, keep it readable. It means you need to be careful with the writing details. Make sure that you write clear information that is easy to be understood by the talents.

Do not forget to prepare the second plan. Sometimes, it is very essential; especially as a cover when there are unexpected things happen.

Call Sheet Template File

To ease you in making a good call sheet, following the basic template can be a good idea. The template will show you the default details of the call sheet and you just need to renew the detailed information.

On this page, we have several samples of the call sheet template that you may get. Find the best template to make the call sheet. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.

Printable Call Sheet Template Sample

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