10+ Printable Call Log Template

Call Log Template for Business Management

For the business, communication is a very important matter to be kept, especially to the miters. With better communication, the running of business could be more maximal and the business can be developed well. It is a reason why knowing about the call log template is needed.

Do you ever hear about the call log?

Well, the call log is a document that is applied to collect the data. This document will be very useful to see the statistical and technical data, especially to build a better relationship with the miters. Here, we will talk about some matters about it to deliver some details.

What is Call Log Template?

As we have said before, the call log is a document that is very useful to write about the statistical data of the phone. Inside this document, there is some information to be written, such as the call for incoming calls, the destination of outgoing calls, and others.

Writing about those matters for a business is very essential. The detailed information can be sources of information about the effectiveness of the communication. Besides, this document also can be a way to manage the plan or target to get more customers and miters.

What to Write Inside Call Log?

Inside the call log, there is some information to be written. Of course, the information will be the reference to see the use of this document.

In basic, some information to be written inside a call log are:

  • Whether there are incoming or outgoing calls
  • The exact date and time of every call
  • The people that are involved in the call, whether they are from the organization or not
  • All relevant information that should be applied or discussed after the calling
  • And others

In common, the call log consists of some information as above. However, it is not limited to those points. It means you may add more information inside the call log based on what you need.

Benefits of Call Log for Business

There are some benefits of the call log which can be a source of reason to use it. With some detailed benefits, of course, you could know that a call log is needed by the business.

The first benefit of a call log is costs controlling. If you set the budget for the phone, the call log can be a helper to track the detailed use of the phone, so the total costs can be known.

On another hand, the call log is also useful to avoid hacking. How can this matter happen? The call log will provide the detailed lists. When there is an extra call, you could know it easily.

The call log is also useful to keep the track of the major account and all sales calls. Since you need to expand the business, this detailed track will be very useful to keep the miter’s relationship.

Call Log Template Files

With the importance of the call log, you may find the files of it as a reference. Here, we have several samples of the call log template that can be a helper to make it. Find a good template and make your best call log for a more successful business.

Printable Call Log Template Sample

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