9+ Academic Resume PSD Template Free

How to Write a Good Academic Resume Template

Many people think that academic resume is same with curriculum vitae (CV). However, there are actually different. Resume comes in a more summarized. We can say that resume is the shorter version of CV. Now, pay attention to the following academic resume template and make your own.

How to Develop an Academic Resume Template

You can develop our template PhotoShop for a good academic resume with the following format. You should start with contact information including full name, address, phone & email. You must continue with summary statement. Then, you have to list your education as completely as possible.

If you have a working experience, it is a good idea to add your employment history. Do not forget to include the dates covered. For the next format, you should include internships including your organization, title & dates. Next, licenses & certifications should also be added if any.

You also need to mention professional affiliations to the PSD flyer template you have chosen. If you have books published under your name, you should also mention them. One more, it is a must to include your skills & interests. Of course, these should be relevant to the applied position.

Tips for Writing an Academic Resume Template

To make a good academic resume, you can do it using a template in PSD Photoshop available here. However, you must consider the following tips. First, you have to tailor your resume to the job description & specifications. Besides, you should also highlight academic achievements you have.

Then, avoid using jargon & use simple vocabulary for easy understanding. You also need to include at least 3 academic references. You are not allowed to include unrelated skills & interests. Last, make sure that you do not exceed more than 4 pages in your academic resume.

What to Consider in Creating an Academic Resume Template

You have to know what to do and what you cannot do when it comes to a template in Photoshop free download for a resume. For do’s, you have to read sample resumes & observe standard formatting, customize it properly, consider the layout & font type used, and proofread many times.

For don’ts, you cannot expect that your resume will be read thoroughly, include any marital status, birthdates, picture & unnecessary personal biographical info and mention unrelated work experience and skills. If you follow these all, your academic resume will be impressive.

Academic Resume Template Samples

You can find a collection of business card template PSD free and templates for an academic resume. For examples are such as a graduate school academic resume, an academic medicine resume, an undergraduate academic resume, an academic experience resume, a professional academic resume, etc.

Because there are so many options available, you have to pick the most appropriate one for your needs. You are also allowed to edit the chosen template based on your own academic details. An academic resume template can be sent in a printed form or via email depending on the command.

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