School Ticket Customizable PSD Design Template

School Ticket Design in Attractive Styles

You can have some PSD templates for school ticket. Creating this ticket is an interesting activity, especially for students who have tons of ideas in their minds. In general, this ticket is specifically for certain events. You just pick the right style and make sure the result is compatible.

School Ticket Idea and Design

The idea of a school ticket starts with the purpose. Creating a ticket for a school event is different from a party or festival. There are some aspects to consider. The most important part is the design that must be relevant to the theme and topic.

School Ticket Main Components

The ticket has some components, such as name, title, ID, detail, and fee. The latter is quite sensitive, especially for public schools. As you know, most events are free, unless there is certain regulation when the free event is no longer sufficient.

School Ticket Samples and Templates

As you know, school is an interesting place for finding many events, either for private or public. The next list shows some samples you often see for school ticket.

  1. Science fair

The most common ticket for the school event is for a science fair. You can recognize the kind of ticket just by looking at its title and style. To attract more visitors, the ticket is distributed for free.

  1. School concert

Music and concerts are part of school life. Students can show their skills and interest in this field. To accommodate their talents, the school creates a concert event. People can watch and enjoy their performances. To appreciate what they have done, the ticket should have the design that represents the event.

  1. Parking ticket

The parking ticket is usually simple, small, and plain style. In school, you can try a new approach. The design for this ticket is similar to the regular one that you often see for the concert, science fair, or art. The only difference is its purpose as it is for parking. This kind of ticket is mostly for specific situations during the event.

  1. Art and exhibition event

Another common event in the school is art and exhibition. Art is a part of the subject study. Moreover, having an art event is the right place to show off student’s skills and talent. This is similar to a music concert. In fact, both events can be joined into a single festival.

  1. School charity event

School is also the best place for creating a charity event. In fact, this kind of event is held regularly every year with a concert and talent show. For donations, the ticket is the right tool to obtain more funding indirectly.

School Ticket Layout and Style

The ticket does not have a standard size, but you can expect 2 by 5.5 inches. For the layout, this ticket uses two sections, regardless of what kind of ticket you have. You can get the long one which contains most of the items, such as the name, ID, and the rest of the components. After that, you can also see the small one that’s usually cut off before you enter the venue or place.

Moreover, this ticket style adjusts with the theme and concept of the event. You can use vintage style if the event has the old theme. Science fair ticket should be elegant with a relevant background. You must know the theme and topic, including the type of event before designing a school ticket.

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