Vacation Banner Customizable PSD Design Template

Vacation Banner Instruction to Improve Traveller’s Numbers

Holding holiday has several benefits to recharge your body, soul, and mind. People are used to enjoying a vacation with family, classmates, or co-workers. Meanwhile, business travel has an opportunity to market the service. Spreading the information of vacation service by using social media is not effective, so business travel needs to share the service using a vacation banner. The following explanation is going to help the business travel in promoting the services.

Vacation Banner Design Guidelines

  1. Putting the detail information

Explicated information becomes an important thing to promote travel services. Therefore, the business travel should place the detail services in the banner, including the cost, facilities, and contact person to help travelers following up the information. Those services could be sorted into a package.

  1. Using a picture

A travel business provider could put several pictures. Putting the picture aims to convince the traveler to choose a business vacation. It shows the photo of tourist attraction, customer’s vacation activities, or offered services. In an alternative way, those original photos could be replaced by an edited image of the cartoon to make a simple vacation banner.

  1. Applying striking fonts color

The applied font determines the traveler’s intuition to look at the banner. It will be better if the vacation business uses the simple font, but clear enough to read. Furthermore, adjusting the bold color of the font can lighten the offered services. Hence, customers will highlight the word expresses.

  1. Laying business logo down

The logo might be underestimated by some people who do not understand about the logo’s use and purpose. In attracting the traveler towards the services, inserting the business logo on vacation banner will make sure of their belief.

Vacation Banner Theme

The banner theme is utilized to choose the typical banner. To decide what the theme that will be applied, business travel should consider the traveler agent. In this case, the referred themes belong to the traveler age’s target.

  1. Children

This particular banner is differently designed because it should apply some colorful fonts, cartoon images, and complete services that fit children. Furthermore, the playground is the selected place that’s suitable for children.

  1. Teenager

The banner for teenagers will be in contrast with the kindergarten banner. The simple fonts, trendy photos, and cozy place’s facilities are the appropriate choices to be expressed in the banner. Also, teenagers will be more interested in natural tourism object.

  1. Oldster

The banner for the oldster usually uses bold color to make the information easily read. It usually points out the simple fonts. Besides, they tend to choose the natural tourism place, such as the park and garden.

Vacation Banner PSD Template Samples

There are various banner template samples. One of them is used to promote the travel business. The facilities that are written can be the selected tourism places, cozy transportation, appropriate homestay, beautiful souvenir, or tasteful food and beverages.

Vacation Banner PSD Format

The template for this banner is in the PSD format. This format has several advantages. One of the special characteristics of the PDF format is the file has saved all the editing process. Therefore, to make an original banner design, the travel business can undo or redo the editing. It will ease the vacation business to create an expected vacation banner.

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