Video Editor Job Description and Its FAQ


Since the huge development of digital promotion, a video editor has a more essential role today. Based on the video editor job description, a person in this position will manipulate both film and video footage to produce a new video with some new effects, dialogs, animations, and others. The video can be used for some purposes, such as presentation, promotion, and others.

Video Editor Job Description Templates

As we have said before, a video editor has an important role, especially to promote the brand and product of a company. That is why a company always looks for a talented and experienced video editor. A person in this position will face many tasks about the video with some different skills.

For the recruiter, to make a good recruitment process, applying a template of the video editor job description is useful. A template will be useful since it offers the basic scheme of the document. It means all you need to do is only personalizing and editing the default data.

Then, for the candidate, to be a successful and selected video editor, they need to be familiar with kinds of video editing software. They also should have good creativity to produce a unique video that never being produced before to get more attention.

Video Editor Responsibility

After selected as the chosen video editor, a candidate will face some responsibilities in staying at their new position. The responsibilities here also become the whole jobs that they should handle.

Kinds of responsibilities to be handled by a video editor are:

  • Creating the final cut for the broadcasting
  • Consulting with the production team and the director during arranging the project
  • Ensuring that the projects follow the logical sequence
  • Inserting the needed dialog, music, sound effect, graphic, special effects, and others to edit the video
  • Trimming kinds of footages and then putting together to the project
  • Manipulating the video footage and film using the kinds of modern editing techniques
  • Reviewing the raw material to determine the kinds of the shot-list
  • Meeting with the director to determine the vision of the production

Video Editor Requirements

To be selected as a new video editor, the candidate should fulfill some needed requirements. The requirements itself become the base of selecting. A candidate that fills the requirements mean they are competent.

Some common requirements to be added as the selection process to get a new video editor are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in cinematography, film studies, or other related fields
  • Experiences as a video editor
  • Ability to translate the abstract ideas into the complete projects
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a tight schedule
  • Familiar with the special effects of video and 3D composition
  • Good artistic skills
  • High creativity
  • Experience using kinds of video editing software and up to date with the newest information

Video Editor FAQ

What are the main duties of a video editor?

Making a video becomes the main duty of the video editor. However, a person in this position also should be ready to change detailed video in a quick time based on ask of the director.

Can I edit the job description of a video editor here?

Yes, you can. All templates of the video editor job description here are editable. Then, you can get the files easily only by clicking the download button there.


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