Locomotive Engineer Job Description and Its FAQ


For train management, the locomotive engineer becomes one of the most important agents with some essential roles. Based on the locomotive engineer job description, we may see that a person in this position will inspect the locomotive before use. Besides, they also will check kinds of train instruments and make sure that all instruments are in the best condition.

Locomotive Engineer Job Description Templates

Since the essential jobs of the locomotive engineer, train management will try to hire an experienced and talented candidate to fill the position. It is reasonable because the safe operation of the train will be handled by the locomotive engineer.

That is why, for the recruiter, knowing about the job description template of the locomotive engineer becomes an important thing. The template will show the basic elements that the recruiter should write in the recruitment process. Besides, they also will be easier to make the document because they only need to personalize it.

Then, for the candidate of the locomotive engineer, they need to have high knowledge about the electrical and elements of the locomotive. Only the candidate that fills the criteria will be chosen as the new locomotive engineer.

Locomotive Engineer Responsibilities

We can see that a locomotive engineer has a huge responsibility for their job. To make it clear, these are some common responsibilities that should be handled by the locomotive engineer in running their job.

The responsibilities are:

  • Completing the reports on the breakdowns and delays
  • Ensuring the manuals and logbooks are correctly stowed in the cabin
  • Communicating with the passengers about the unscheduled stops and delays
  • Performing the basic maintenance of the locomotive when it is needed
  • Communicating with the traffic control to manage the stops, delays, and oncoming trains
  • Giving warning signals for the track crossings
  • Safely operating the train between the stations
  • Inspecting the locomotive before and after used

Locomotive Engineer Requirements

To be capable of handling all requirements, of course, there should be a competent locomotive engineer. The competency of the locomotive engineer will be tested using the requirements in the recruitment process.

Some requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate to be the chosen locomotive engineer are:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Class 1 certification
  • NORAC rules certification
  • Previous experiences as an engineer of the locomotive
  • Advanced knowledge of the electrical and mechanical system of the locomotive
  • Excellent skills of diagnostics
  • In-depth knowledge about the track curves, road crossings, tunnels, and others
  • Basic mechanical skills
  • Ability to concentrate in long periods
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good interpersonal skills

Locomotive Engineer FAQ

What are the main duties of a locomotive engineer?

Making sure that the locomotive is in a good condition becomes a main duty of the locomotive engineer. However, a person in this position also should maintain the locomotive and make sure that it is ready to be run.

Can I edit the job description of a locomotive engineerhere?

Of course, you can. All templates of the locomotive engineer job description here are editable. You can get the files and then personalize detailed information there. Click the download button to get the file.


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