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Bible Journaling Template for Private Devotion and Worship to the God

Life is not life without faith toward the Creator of the world. He is the one who gives you life, guides you through it, and shall call you back when it is time. Bible is what you need for guidance and you might need to consider using bible journaling template to learn words of the God. It becomes a must to learn, in fact.

With nothing to guide you at heart, you will be easy to stray from the right path. Even when things get rough, you can only ask protection of the God. So, how about doing private worship on your own? It would be possible with the help of this template.

What Is Bible Journaling Template

Bible journaling is what’s considered to be an exciting way to engage with Scripture. It is one fresh approach to meditate on the God’s word and even go as far as memorizing the text. After all, it is easier to learn when it is learnt in very interesting manner. It is all the more reason for Bible Scripture learning.

Monotonous way of learning very often falls on deaf ears. So, let’s avoid this for matters as important as this. Here, in this opportunity, we will teacher you how to make the template for your journaling. It is sure to help you learn easier about Bible.

How to Make Bible Journaling Template

Doing Bible journaling is not about what to write and how to design only. This particular learning has you to play your part as well, meaning the way you engage with the Scripture. Bible Scripture journaling can be done in this manner. Follow the way step by step and you are on the right track to learn God’s words.

  • Read and reflect on the Scripture
  • Choose your own keywords in the Scripture
  • Visualize those chosen words
  • Sketch out your own drawing from them
  • Color to fill your design

Tips to Create Bible Journaling Template

Would you like some tips to consider? We have some to prepare for you, of course. We believe they should help you make your journaling better. So, in with the tips and get journaling ready to learn much from the God, Bible journaling activity will help you learn much about life and make it easier to press on.

  • Relate the Scripture to your life
  • Be creative visualizing your chosen keywords
  • Make your drawing on the margin of Bible pages
  • Use colored pencils or crayons so they don’t bleed
  • Use Washi tape to mark the pages

Now, you have learnt the procedure and tips for the making. Are you ready to get this on the road? Get your things ready and start with your journaling. God Scripture learning will always be fun way to do during your spare time. It definitely won’t be a waste of time. Prove it true and you shall benefit from learning it.

If you have problem making interesting sketching and color, you may take a look at various samples of bible journaling template out there. Make good use of them as your inspiration. Then, you will always feel happy every time you open your Bible pages.

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